Thursday, March 5, 2009

Joy = Worship?

I am taking a break from my hiatus for this day only. A break from my break? Strange.

I have started a WOF devotional entitled Contagious Joy. One of the things that stood out to me last night was the thought that true joy (not the packaged stuff the world tries to sell us) is an act of worship to God. Please tell me that I am not the only person that hasn't realized this. I am a person who needs proof for everything, so if you are like me, here is your proof.

And they worshipped him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy: Luke 24:52
They were worshipping and returning, and joying(just go with it) all at the same time. That was a very profound thought for me. My joy is an act of worship to God. Worship, after all is when we tell God how wonderful He is. So, my joy as a christian tells God and the world that God is good.
Here's the kicker. Is your joy contagious? My joke this week has been that yes I do have a lot of joy, but that some people may not like my particular brand of joy. Is that good or bad? I haven't decided yet. I am incredibly saracstic. To some people sarcasm is humor, but to other sarcasm is rude and uncalled for. Here's my prayer: Lord please let me have a joy that others would like to have. Help me everday to remember that joy in my life is worship to you.
OK, I'm back on break now until next week.


Joan Carr said...

I had never really thought about it in those terms that if we have "Joy" and show "Joy" we are showing the world how good and big God is. But I like it. Aren't you just loving those Bible Studies. I highly recommend organized Bible Studies, that I can write in.

chadandnikki said...

Me and you both sister sue!!

Simply Donna...... said...

OK girls I have purchased several of the WOF Bible Study Books. Soon I hope to get started. Can't decide which to start with.

jamielynn said...

when you were talking about worshiping and joy at the same time it made me think of that night, (the last revival ya'll had that i come to.. the one with tanner mundee) that thursday night. how it was just one huge worship service people were just worshiping him. i haven't been in a service like that since. it was so amazing.. everyone was full of joy and whatnot..
do you have a clue what i'm talking about?