Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Busy Weekend!

Does life ever slow down? Ours doesn't seem to. That's OK, because we have a very full and rich life. I wouldn't trade one mintue of it. Anyway here's what our weekend was like. Here goes.

Friday, we attended a funeral of a precious lady that died very tragically last week. I won't go into the details, because I want the Lord to receive all the Glory for her homegoing. I don't understand why God took her home in the fashion that He did, but, thankfully, it's not my job to try and understand these things. On a side note, at the grave side services for sister Vivian, there was a Scottish Bagpiper. How cool is that. It really was fascinating. I have been to a lot of funerals in my short life, but that was definitely a first.

Friday evening, Chad and I were able to steal a few minutes to ourselves to have a little date. Clayton stayed with his Mawmaw(Chad's mother) and we went to dinner. We went to a place called Friday Friends. We had not eaten there before, but thoroughly enjoyed it. It was wonderful to have an evening with my sweetie.

Saturday afternoon we were honored to be invited to a wedding. Philip and Amanda Crump were hitched at Calvary in a beautiful and sweet ceremony. They seem to be genuinely in love with one another and with their Savior. Pray for them as they start down this new road together.

Saturday evening we went to dinner with Mom, Dad(the boss), and Ed and Nancy Taylor. Brother Ed pastors a church in Perry, FL. They were in town for Jesse's ordination. More on that in a moment. At dinner, my brilliant husband(he really is, Love ya babe) locked his keys in his car. We think they fell out of his pocket while he was taking his pre-dinner insulin. Anyway, there happens to be a high ranking office of the Lenoir Fire Department in our church. Chad called this man and he was willing and able to dispatch Lenoir's finest to our aid. We were very grateful not to have to call a locksmith. Thanks LFD.

Sunday. Of course we had our regularly scheduled church services this morning. Then this afternoon Jesse(baby brother) was Ordained into the ministry. It was an awesome service. I don't get to too many ordination services, but this has to be the best one I have been to thus far. As they were laying hands(special prayer time) on Jesse I was able to reflect on how fortunate I am to have a heritage of preachers. My husband, father, brother, and father-in-law, are all preachers. They also all pastor in some fashion or the other. In addition, they all live what they preach. How many people have this many preachers in their family. I love it and them.

So that was our weekend. We are physically EXHAUSTED, but we really are very full. God loves me and allows me to be a part of all of these wonderful activities. I'm grateful for every opportunity He provides for our family.