Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free and Easy

What do you do when your plans change and your day is suddenly free and easy?  Why you go to the park and play on the playground and in the water.

This child takes his play very seriously. 
And this sign.  I know this isn't the intended meaning, but when I saw this all I saw was "Welcome Hags".  And I had a great little laugh. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Update(Bullet Style)

  • Currently we're watching the movie "Cars" for the 5th time this week.  This is Clayton's newest obsession.  Chad and I let him watch something of his choosing first thing in the morning and then the TV's off for most of the day.  I'm not a TVaholic(like my husband) so I don't need the TV on all day.  I would much rather have my nose in a book.  That I could do all day long. 
  • I finished the summer semester yesterday.  Anatomy is all finished.  It was difficult but I survived and was pleased how the semester ended.
  • EMS classes start in just over 2 weeks.  I'm even more excited about that.  
  • Clayton's Tram got him a "Mack"(from Cars) this week.  It was the sweetest thing to see how patient he was for this toy.  Anyway he's carried it around all week.  Too cute.
  • The youth boys that we work with are going camping tonight.  The girls are not.  This girl doesn't prefer to camp.  Instead we're going to shopping tomorrow.  Way more awesome than camping.
That's about it.  Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Claytonisms

  • Hook It         = Anything that should be, or already is attached to a trailer(Clayton's most favorite thing in the world)
  • Thanks          = It's really cute, and he says it all the time, even when he should be saying You're Welcome
  • Welc             =   On the occasion that he does remember to say You're Welcome this is how it comes out
  • Hoink            = That's the sound a pig makes.  Not oink, but hoink.
  • Jommies        = Pajamas
  • Clip Clop      = Flip flops
  • Choc Milk     = Chocolate Milk, even though he can say chocolate
  • Cow Tractor  = On the movie Cars(which is his new favorite) there is a scene when Lightning and Mater go cow tipping and the cows are tractors.  He really likes that part of the movie and will just giggle.  Too cute.
  • That's Tool    = That's Cool, usually directed at something of a vehicular nature
  • Finny             = Finished
  • Trayon          = Crayon
  • Canny           = Candy
Also on a daily basis we hear the non cute things.  No, don't like it, take it off.  And about 12,436 times a day I hear "Det down Emma".  And then 12,437 times a day I hear "Emma tome here.  That kid is something else.

Monday, July 26, 2010

9 Months

This past Friday was Johanna's 9 month BDay.  I'm amazed at how long that seems and how short it really it.  I don't really have any words of wisdom except to say that I miss her.  And to be completely honest, I wish she were still here with us.  I understand all of the spiritual and eternal things associated with Johanna, but I'm still her Mom.  And I'm still jealous and selfish over her.  With all of that aside, I know how fortunate we are to have been able to spend around an hour with her.

And bonus points for the hubs.  When I came home from the gym on Friday, he had a dozen pink and white roses waiting for me.  He's a keeper.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy Blogger

Blogger had been somewhat screwy this week. Posts have been difficult to get up and they've disappeared after I get them up. Sorry about any confusion. Maybe I should look into Wordpress. I hear that it's less buggy. We'll see.

I'm doing this one from my Blackberry so we'll see what happens.

I have a lack of blogging inspiration lately. Hence the reason for the slackness. Hopefully soon I'll be inspired by some greatness and I'll be able to amaze ya'll with brilliance.

Until then have a great weekend.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I decided to go for it.  The training officially starts today.  I found my favorited exercise pants over the weekend.  I've been looking for these for like 2 months and they were right under my nose at Mom's house.  I found some running shoes for my feet(obviously).  And in a few hours I'm off to the gym before school.  It's gonna be great(I think).  If it's not great it's all Jesse's fault.

Have a great Monday ya'll.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So today in my car my brother(whom I love very dearly and can make me giggle like absolutely no one else) dared me to do something.  Nothing strange like "Truth of Dare", but more on that at the end of the post.  Anyway he tells me that he wants to do a Triathalon and wants to know if I'll join him.  I told him NO and he of course wanted to know why and I told him.  First I would have to swim which I'm not that great at mainly because it involves getting my face wet and that makes me panic something awful.  And second I would have to ride a bike which I can kinda sorta do.  I couldn't ride a bike until I was 8 and I never really liked it once I learned the basics.  Don't laugh at me I'm not a coordinated person and that whole pedal and balance thing threw me for a loop.

So in a half joking way I said we should do a 5K next spring(our town has an annual run every May).  And in a completely serious way he said OK.  And I'm pretty sure I know when he's serious and when he's not.  And he was serious today.

Here are the problems with the scenario above.  I don't really exercise all that regularly and Jesse is at the gym 5-6 days a week.  Some days he's there at 5:30am.  And something about that just makes me want to strangle him.  Disgusting.  And I don't have running shoes.

Should I do it?

I confess I'm a little scared to even attempt something like this.  I'm way out of shape after having 2 babies in 22 months.  But I think that if I commit to doing it Jesse(and ya'll now that you know) will keep me committed and on track.  And we can train(hehehehe that sounds so funny) together.  So what's the verdict?  Yay or Nay?

And back to "Truth or Dare".  While I was typing that I was reminded of things that make me think of Jr. High School.  And I thought of something I wanted really bad then but never got(tear).  And in all truthfulness I didn't need it, it was just a pile of junk, and a total waste of money.  Anyway there was this board game called "Mall Madness".  I really wanted it.  It came with money and a credit card and it talked to you and everything.  It was all a 12 year old girl could ever dream of(my dreams were small in those days).  After I thought about it tonight I had to Google it and take a look.  Does anybody else remember this game?

Don't you just love the vests, bangs, and sideways pony tails.  Too cool for words.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Vows I Should Have Said!

Traditional Wedding Vows:
I, take you, to be mine, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

What I should have said:

I promise to sleep in the middle of the bed.  I promise to let my hair collect in the drain for you to have to rip apart and use that snake thingy.  I promise to attempt to make dinner at least once a week......month.  I promise that the dog will only sleep in the bed when you're out of town, and then I won't tell you about it.  I promise to slowly and systematically rid your wardrobe of western attire, including but not limited to, Wrangles jeans in the "Rodeo Cut".  I promise to accept your strange fascination with 1950's and 1960's New York Yankees.  I promise to be as big of an Alabama Crimson Tide fan as you are.  I promise to never let our house run out of Dt. SunDrop and pickles.  I promise to never attempt to mow the grass or use the weed eater.

The things you have no idea about when you say "I Do" are so exciting.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Names in the Sand

So I've wanted to have this done forever.  But for one reason or another I keep missing out on the opportunity.  So I took matters into my own hands and with the help of Mom and Amy we did them ourselves.

And for the record this is way more difficult than you would think.  But it's done.  Hopefully these will be on our bedroom wall very soon.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Beach Pics

Just a few(or a lot depending on which way you want to look at it).

I like to pretend that I'm a fantastic photographer.  And I'm really not.  Everything I have learned my Dad has taught me.  I have a lot more lessons to go but I love pictures and the timeless qualities that they bring.

On the train at Broadway at the Beach.  Yes it's supposed to be tilted.  I follow a photographer on FB that does this and I love the feel of the tilted picture.
Stolen moments when no on knows you're watching are the best picture opportunities.
The Fam.
Tilted again.  I don't know why I love this pic but I do.  It's just interesting to me.
A little boy trying so hard to be a grown man.


I have so many more that I could share.  

And I probably will tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sorry for the lengthy abscence.  If anyone noticed at all.  We went to the beach for a wedding, which was beautiful.  Stayed for a vacay, which was wonderful.  And now we're home.  I have oodles of pictures for ya'll but that will have to wait a while.

And this is why:

  • My wireless router is on the fritz(this is a serious issue).  I've had problems with it for a while.  I believe it has now died the death of so many electronics before it.  Lightning.
  • My washing machine is currently laying on its side in the laundry/computer room.  I have noticed water around the bottom of the machine for about a week now and it got really bad yesterday.  Fortunately Chad thinks he can fix it for very little money.  I really hope so.
  • Unfortunately Chad came home from work this morning(he goes in at 3am) sick, sick, sick.  We've all had a head cold of sorts and we think this is just another product of excess mucous production(now you feel all scientific and disgusted all at the same time).
No washing machine fixing today.  Hopefully he'll be on the mend by church time tonight.  That's a day in our life.  You never know what's gonna happen.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Enjoy your independence.

Remember why you were given independence.

Know how to gain true dependence on your Savior.