Monday, May 31, 2010


Revolutionary Way(obviously a reenactment)

 Civil War (again a reenactment)

 World War 1

 World War 2

 Korean War
(This picture is especially humbling) 

Vietnam War

Persian Gulf War

  Operation Enduring Freedom
 Operation Iraqi Freedom
Arlington National Cemetery

.....and the reason for all of this?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Big 'Ole Woot!!

Just popping to let ya'll know that I just received OFFICIAL WRITTEN verification that I have been accepted into the EMS/Paramedic program that starts in August.  It's been kind of a muddled acceptance until 2pm today when the USPS brought the mail to our house.

I'm obviously very excited and anxious all at the same time.

This is something I've wanted to pursue for a very long time but never thought I would have the opportunity.  But through God's amazing providence I have been given that opportunity.  I can honestly say that all the doors have been opened by Him.  Had He not pushed me out the office door in January I would still be living my old life. 

But instead He's letting me do something amazing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kinda Sporadic

I know the posting has been a little sporadic in the last week or so.  And I hate to tell you(although you may like to here) that the posting will be sporadic for the next week or so.

  • The Anatomy class I have this summer has started.  I really want to do well in this class so I'm trying to spend a good bit of time studying.
  • We were on vacay last week which was absolutely wonderful.  But as always when you go on a little holiday there's a little catch up work to do once you get home.
  • Also we have revival at our church this week.
Those are my reasons for sporadicness(I'm sure that's a word I made up).  

Friday, May 21, 2010


Currently we're on a vacay/graduation gift for Chad and Jesse from our parents.  We're cooling our Revolutionary heels in Williamsburg, VA.  And we're loving it.  It's an awesome place to visit.

In front of the Governor's Palace.
George Washington(circa 1774) discussing taxation and representation.  This was very fascinating.  It was pre-Revolutionary War and it was interactive.  GW seriously took questions from the audience and answered them very well.  It was very informative.
The British Flag as it was in 1774.  Remember that at this point all the colonies were still under the rule of the crown.  And most colonies were very proud to be considered British.  For a while at least.

And one for the grandparents so that I don't get in trouble.  This cookie was absolutely huge and he ate all of it.  All while sporting the latest in Revolutionary head fashion.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday

My days of leisure have come to an end.  But since I have a 2 year old I don't think I've had a day of leisure in 2 years(not that I would change any part of it).  What I mean is that I started summer classes today.  I only have one class this summer.  I think that's enough to ease me back in to the whole schedule thing I used to know as normal life. 

This summer I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology.  And I'm that weird kid in the class that really likes it.  Today I was the nerd that was mumbling the answers to the rhetorical questions our professor was asking.  The poor gentleman that unwisely chose to sit beside me seemed impressed.  Or he could have just been afraid of me.  Either way I don't think he'll be giving me much flack this summer.  In all seriousness A&P is supposed to be a very difficult course so I'm gonna buckle in and learn where my body parts are and what they do.

Tomorrow evening after class we are heading out of town for a few days.  We're going to Williamsburg, VA as a graduation present for Chad and Jesse, from our(Jesse and me) parents for finally completing seminary.  Chad and Jesse are both history buffs so they're incredibly excited to go to one of the oldest and foremost cities of the American Revolution.

I might post and I might not.  We'll see what the week allows.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Few Edits

So I discovered the power of editing pictures.  I have a simple Canon point and click camera.  But it's amazing what a little cropping and color adjusting can do.  I just wanted to share a few picks from the last few years that I've played with this evening.

Jamie's Senior Prom
April 2009
August 2008
Jesse and Amy, Chad and Me
June 2007 
(7 weeks pregnant with Clayton)
(This is before a wedding, before an Insulin pump, and before 2 babies.  And also before life had hard days.  It's only been 3 years since this photo but our lives have changed so much.  I remember these people.  But I'm thankful for the changes the past 3 years have brought us.  The 4 of us have laughed and cried together many times since this picture.  Love you guys!  I look forward to many more pictures with ya'll.)
Johanna and her infamous pink bow!!

I'm hooked!!!!  I love the depth a little editing can give any particular picture.

Mother's Walk 2010!!!

It's been a great day.  Chad, Clayton, and I attended the annual Right to Life Mother's walk in Caldwell County.  Enjoy some pics from our day.  I'm trying to self teach myself to edit the pics I take so I've had a lot of fun cropping and messing with these.  I don't know how to change lighting and that kind of thing just yet.  But I love the black and white with a splash of color.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday......I'm in Love

  • Summer weather.  It's finally hot here in the south and I couldn't be happier.  I absolutely love warm weather.
  • The Maxi Dress.  It's long and loose.  What's not to love?
  • Little red heads in short pants that are made like big boy pants.  Pockets that take up the entire side of the leg.  Too cute.
  • Telling our story to the group that I did last night.  I really enjoyed that opportunity.  I had fun and told our story as honestly as I knew how to.
  • A Right to Life walk tomorrow morning.  Very excited.  We went last year just a few days after we learned about Jo's Trisomy 18.  This kind of event has a new meaning to our family.  We're hoping that our story can provide hope and value for life.
  • Strawberries are in season here in NC.  Nothing could be finer.
Enjoy your weekend.  It's gonna be a great one.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trisomy 18 and Pink Bows

Tonight I have the opportunity(privilege might be stretching it a bit for the sake of the listeners) to speak to a group of medical professionals in our area about genetics.  Specifically about Trisomy 18 and more specifically about Johanna.  Woot for letting a Mommy talk about her babies.

I must admit that for a variety of reasons I'm a little confused(humbled maybe?) that I would be asked to do this.  I am not a physician or a geneticist.  Everything that I've learned about genetics, chromosomes, and trisomies I have learned from Google and reading.

But being asked to speak in the capacity that I've been asked to speak will give me an opportunity to tell a secular group of medical professionals about our faith and how God has worked in our lives.  I'm excited for that reason alone.  A year ago I would have never dreamed that I would be getting the opportunity to share my faith with a room full of people that I don't know at all.  And somehow that seems a lot less intimidating than sharing my faith with any one of them one on one.  Yes I know it's strange and I have issues.

I'm finishing up the PowerPoint(it's really pretty in pink and gray), deciding on an outfit that looks professional while still being myself and is infused with a lot of pink(that's a must when I talk about my girl).  If you think of me lift me up to the Father this evening.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have a rant that I just really need to get off of my chest before my blood pressure reaches maximum capacity.

Why do we(and yes I mean myself too) as Christians often feel like we need to take over the role of the Holy Spirit?  He doesn't need my help for anything. 

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, 
and not of evil, to give you an expected end."  
Jeremiah 29:11

God has the plan.  He is the plan.  He's also the beginning, the middle, and the end of the plan.  Burying my daughter wasn't on my plan but it was on HIS plan.  Therefore it brings me to HIS expected end.  All those things that God plans for me, even though I may not like them, also bring me to HIS expected end.  It may not take me down the road I expected to go but it brings me to HIS expected end.

This is simply something I have observed a lot of in the last 13 months.  And tonight I read something that just lit that fuse all over again.

So for this moment I, or more accurately God through conviction, am attempting to remove my "Holy Spirit in Training" button.  He doesn't need me.  I need HIM!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I know, I know, I know.  I'm incredibly far behind.  Let's do a bullet style recap.

  • Saturday May 1st:  I was privileged to have 2 seperate speaking engagements at 2 different Ladies Banquets.  Mom and my SIL Amy went with me to offer moral support and more than a few laughs.  There was an incident with a McDonald's drive through window that was simply hilarious.
  • Tuesday May 4th:  This is kinda lame I know but I had a blast.  I went to a MaryKay party with my other 2 SILs.  I've never been to a MaryKay party so I was impressed by the entire event.  I had fun, spent way too much money on eye shadow, and laughed at my SILs and myself.
  • Wednesday May 5th:  Somehow in the span of 3 hours we managed to have Johanna t-shirts made for our family for a right for life walk we'll be going to this coming Saturday.  They're cute and I can't wait to get them back.
  • Thursday May 6th:  Mom and I picked up a lot of the food for our churches Ladies Banquet on Friday.  We literally purchased enough salad to require one of Sams' flat bed carts to get to the car.  It was insanely hilarious.  Thursday evening Chad and I had a working date night.  One of the guys in our youth group was in his High School's spring drama production of the adaptaion of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" entitled "Big River".  It was simply amazing.  This HS recently won first place in the NC acting competition.  They are going to the national competition in Nebraska in June.  They really did earn first place.  They are an amazing group of young adults.
  • Friday May 7th:  Our annual Ladies Banquet was Friday evening.  We had about 170 ladies in attendance.  Our theme was God's Princess and it was really cool to reflect on the royalty that we have in Christ.
  • Saturday May 8th:  I went shopping with my friend.  Had fun, ate a wonderful lunch, and bought a maxi dress that I LOVE!!!  Chad's day was most definitely more interesting than mine.  As I mentioned our SIL was thrown from her horse and sustained multiple injuries that required surgery.  Chad was the closest family member and he could get to her more quickly than her husband and the EMS.  The hubs is incredibly calm(he lacks the panic gene like I do) so he was the perfect person to wait with Trish and help her to remain calm.  Clayton was with his Daddy so he went too and talked to Trish(or "Tree" as he calls her) while they waited and the EMS.  And since then Clayton has been telling everybody "Tree got hurt" but "Doctor fix her".  It's sweet.  Trish is doing well considering her injuries.  Please continue to pray for her and her husband.  She has a long recovery road ahead of her but she's more than capable of doing this.  Saturday evening Chad was once again summoned to help his family with a health issue with his mother.  She too had to go to the hospital but was quickly treated and sent home to rest.  Please also pray for Chad's parents in these days.  It was definitely an interesting day for the hubs.
  • Sunday May 9th:  Mother's Day.  It really was a wonderful day.  We spent a part of the day running errands for the infirmed but we giggled and had fun doing it.  We checked out a fantastic new Greek/Italian restaurant.  I had baklava for dessert.  I LOVE baklava and nobody ever makes it in our little small town so I was very excited to see that on the menu.  My boys gave me a Massage/Manicure/Pedicure for Mother's Day.  They know me so very well.  The day was definitely bitter sweet at best.  I'm grateful and honored to be a mother.  But spending the day without one of my children was definitely difficult.  But we did it.  And Chad made the day fun.
That's been our week in shortened form.  It's been crazy with no signs of letting up soon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just stopping in to quickly ask for your help.  One of my SIL's, Trish, was thrown from her horse earlier today.  She has a broken wrist and a broken ankle.  Currently she is in the OR having her injuries repaired.  There will of course be a lengthy recovery for both injuries.  Trish is a precious friend with a heart the size of Texas.  Please remember her and her husband Andrew in your prayers.  They also have a "son"(one day this boy will be completely ours and I can't wait) Zach that is 6 years old.  As always there are many needs associated with an unexpected injury such as this.

Thanks peeps!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I decided this weeks Show Us Your Life was too good not to get it on.  I love names and what they mean and signify.  I do however like names to be names and sound like names.  I personally don't prefer people to be named after places, adjectives, or adverbs.  It's just a personal preference that's all.  I also like to use family names, names that will still be appropriate as adults(because I think a lot of people name their babies names that are cute for babies but they kinda grow out of them), and names that are easy to spell.  I shouldn't have to tell his pediatricians office how to spell his name every time I call.

 Clayton Avery

Clayton is my paternal grandmother's maiden name.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this name for a boy.  It felt like a name that he could really grow in to and not out of.  It's not hip or contemporary.  In fact I think the last time that the name Clayton was in the top 10 of baby names was some time in the 19th century(seriously).  We emphasize the "t".  Yes we do live in the south so a lot of times the "t" is not even pronounced and that's OK.  But that's the only reason his name is not Jacob.  I was afraid it would be pronounced Jac-up and that would drive me nuts.

Avery is Chad's middle name.  It was also his father's middle name and his grandfather's middle name.  We always knew that the first boy we were to have would have the middle name Avery.  I love that name.

Johanna Raye

Johanna's name is a little different than Clayton's.  The first Johanna that I ever met was a girl I worked with many moons ago at the hospital.  I fell in love with that name.  And Chad has always wanted a daughter named Jo.  Perfect.  When we found out that JoJo was going to be a girl, she basically named herself.  And then to learn that Johanna means "God is Gracious"...........well it was the perfect name for this special little girl.
Raye is my maternal grandmother's middle name and her preferred name.  It's just a great southern name for a girl.  I would(and might one day in honor/memory of Johanna) name a daughter Raye and call her that.  I just love the name Raye.

One day down the road we hope to have more babies(a long way down the road).  And being the over planner that I am you know I have names ready.  Here's my list with a brief explanation of why.

  • Seth Douglas = Seth means "compensation".  We mulled over that name for Clayton but it wasn't for him.  But if we have a boy after getting to send Johanna back to the Father I think the name fits.  And Douglas is my Dad's given name.  The next boy we have will have Douglas as a middle name.
  • Raye Anne = I'm not 100 percent sure on the spelling because of my weird spelling quirks.  Ann is my paternal grandmother's name and we would like to use it somewhere down the line.  I like it spelled with the extra "e" just because it looks more even.  Don't ask.......I'm just strange.
  • Caroline = a play on my mother's given name
  • Cole = we just like it
That's my names.  I love names and I really love names that have a special meaning.  After all you(and your children) have to live with your name for your entire life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have a lot going on now through the end of the week and the beginning of next week.  Because of that I will be MIA.

See ya'll next week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesday

I just love this idea by Lauren.  It's a great thing to be in a fun and happy marriage.  I must confess that I don't feel like I've done a lot in the past week to show my husband that I love him.  I feel like I have done all the taking and he has done all the giving.
  • He helped(and by that I mean that he basically did all the organizing and moving) get the tables ready for our Ladies Banquest scheduled on Friday.
  • He has bathed Clayton every single night for the last week so that I could get ready for the speaking engagements that I've had recently.  He doesn't like to do bath time so that was a sacrifice for him.
  • He's keeping Clayton this evening so I can go out with one of my SIL's for a girly make up evening.
  • He will give up his Friday evening to work at our Ladies Banquet.
  • He carries all the heavy things.
Chad is very good to me.  So I gotta make up this week and make sure he knows how much I love, appreciate, and respect him.

 JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the following video is just funny.  Chad, Clayton, and I all love this commercial.  We have been known to back up the DVR whenever it comes on.  This same scene or something similar may or may not happen quite often at our house, or in our yard, or in the car, or a parking lot, or Walmart.