Sunday, May 4, 2008

Very Busy Weekend!!

WOW! This weekend was incredibly busy.

Friday evening we went to the Mother/Daughter Tea at Calvary. It was wonderful. The speaker for the evening was a lady that portrayed the blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby. She did an amazing job. The food was great, and some of the wonderful men(Chad included) served us ladies. There were around 150 ladies in attendance. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning we woke up at the usual time. Early, since Clayton needed his breakfast. After the usual morning things, we went to CARE ministry at Calvary. CARE ended around 12:30. Then we took Chad's sister Jamie, shopping for her 17th birthday. She seemed to really enjoy the day. We did too. Chad was able to get some much needed clothes. And then, Saturday evening we went to a youth meeting at Community Baptist. Alan Carr and Jesse Carr (my Dad and brother, respectively) were the preachers for the evening. And then, everyone (ie Mom, Dad, Jesse, Amy, Jamie, Chad, Clayton and Me) went to dinner at Fatz.

Sunday was the usually unusual. Sunday School, and Church on Sunday morning. The Lord came by in an unusual way and spoke to His people. God's people testified and sang praises to Him. It was wonderful to be in church again. Sunday afternoon we (the afore mentioned entire family) had lunch at Mom and Dad's house. She's an amazing cook, so it was delicious. After that she and I ran an errand, the baby needs milk to keep his belly full. The boys stayed behind, and tried to take a nap. We went to youth Bible Study at 4:30, and had worship again at 6pm.

Now, it's 9:30pm. Chad's feeding Clayton, and then it's bed time for everybody in the Carswell manor. I'm tired, but thoroughly satisfied. Our first Sunday at Calvary was wonderful. Chad, Clayton, and I were made very welcome at our new church home. The people are so wonderful, if you live near by and are looking for a church home, come and have a visit. I hope your work week is wonderful, and God manifests Himself in a marvelous way. I'm sure He will, if you will look for Him.