Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Update

  • I'm loving school.  Right not I'm calling myself a "wannabe EMT/Paramedic"
  • Pumpkin Spice drinks are back for a limited time at Starbucks
  • The previous makes me very very happy and more than a little thirsty
  • I should probably be studying about blood instead of blogging
  • I went to an aerobics class with my SIL tonight and then we immediately went to dinner afterwards.  Brilliant!
  • Going to the fair on Friday(I'm way more excited about this than any 28 year old should be)
  • Clayton knows all of his primary colors by sight and name
  • And a whole bunch of the not primary ones too(I can't remember what they're called)
  • His favorite color is apparently brown, at least that's what he tells me
  • I forgot Grandparent's Day.  I'm sorry.  Happy Grandparent's Day to Tram, Bobba, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Grandmother, Grandaddy, Mawmaw Cable, and Pawpaw Cable.  OOPS!!
  • I finally figured out how to load pictures to FB successfully.  I'm an overachiever I know
  • We're swiftly approaching Johanna's 1st BDay and Chad and I have something totally awesome planned(I really hope it works out)
  • I think I can upgrade to a new Blackberry very soon(I certainly hope so, I'm really envious of Chad's)


Kelly said...

Um, yeah... pretty sure we forgot about grandparent's day too. Oops!
I'm glad ya'll are doing well! I've been thinking about you alot lately.

Holly said...

I remembered before the day and after the day but forgot on the actual day (grandparents day).

Nezzy said...

I posted a week before Grandparent's Day lest we forget! Heeehehehehe!

I loved your catch up list!

God bless ya and have the most incredible day sweetie!!!

zocy said...

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