Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Brain Dump

  • It is super rainy and just plain nasty in western NC.  While this is fantastic for the water table and eventual summer drought that will follow, it is very bad for my pants legs.  I do NOT like wet pants legs.  And seeing as how I am only 5 feet tall(literally) my pants have always dragged the ground.  So I compromised with the weather today and wore a skirt and boots.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with cooking.  I always feel like I should be cooking regularly to be a good wife and mother.  But I just don't like doing it.  And on days when I'm on the ambulance for 12-24(or anywhere in between) hours I really don't feel like thinking up something to cook when I get home.  So I decided last week to dust off the crock pot, plan meals for each day, and get them in Crocky before I left for work or whatever else I had that day.  And it worked.  We had dinner every night and I felt accomplished.  I dream big folks.
  • I'm slowly but surely weaning myself off of my Dt. Mtn. Dew habit.  I couldn't stop cold turkey because I drank a very large amount every day.  I am incredibly picky about what I drink so I knew my step down drug would have to be planned out appropriately.  I think I need a 12 step caffeine program.  It's pretty bad.  But with the aid of Crystal Light Tea(with caffeine....Hallelujah!) I am stepping down.  In a few weeks I can fully rely on tea(the regular kind) and water.  And speaking of tea, I need something to sweeten it with.  I don't really like traditional southern sweet tea because it's too sweet and I don't want to use a lot of Splenda.  Is there a more natural alternative that is going to taste like the tea I love without using something that is super processed?
  • Clayton decided this week that he wants to be a pandamagnet(paramedic) when he grows up.  Swoon!
  • We are going to the circus next weekend and I can't wait.  All the Carrs(including my Grandmother) will invade Ringling Brothers.  And I'm sure we'll fit right in with the circus people.
  • My floors need a serious sweep and mop but I have no motivation.  And there are about 400 other things I would rather do.
  • There are only 13 class days left until graduation.  I am stoked about this!


Jamie Lynn said...

About the sweetners...
In my PINK book there is a natural sweetner called Stevia at the grocery store near Splenda and stuff. I tastes just like sugar but it has nothing in it, it's all natural.

It's a bit pricey but if it helps your body function better it's probably worth it.