Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Few Things................

I LOVE about being from the south(and somethings specifically about North Carolina)

  1. Southern Food. Fried Chicken, Livermush, Deep Fried Oreos, Cornbread, Pinto Beans, Grits(with mustard). I like most everything.
  2. Hot summers. There's a magical sound that's only found on a summer evening. Crickets. In my opinion, that's one of the strangest animals that God created, but I love to hear them chirping. I also like to see the lightning bugs. I'm sure there are crickets and lightening bugs in other parts of the world, but I like to imagine that God made them especially for southerners.
  3. SEC Football. Alabama all the way. Roll Tide Roll.
  4. Redneck jokes. I think you have to be in a place where you can see the inspiration for these jokes to truly appreciate them, and to realize that they could very well be talking about you or your family.
  5. Slower pace of life. I know, I know life is very busy. But, maybe just maybe, it's a little slower here than there.
  6. Southern accents and southernisms(much like Nikkisms, they are only understand by those from a specific area, or state of mind). I love the way we talk down here. I actually had a patient tell me once that he couldn't understand my southern accent. To which I responded, this is the only one I have. Where else can you here ya'll, bless her heart, hun, sug, and all that great stuff.
  7. Sweet tea, and Dt. Sun Drop (for the boys in my life)
  8. A lot of our men still act like gentleman, and we(me) as ladies LOVE IT!!!! I don't, and will never be offended when a stranger calls me ma'am, opens the door, and gets something off a high shelf for me. In fact my son(s)(if God gives us more) had better do the same when they are adults, or they will have their Mother to deal with.
  9. Churches are everywhere. I know that not all of them are God and Bible believing churches, but some of them are. And, that's a lot more than other parts of our country are blessed to have.
  10. Even strangers are friendly and helpful. Helping your neighbor is still important.
  11. The Blue Ridge Mountains. They are absolutely BEAAUTIFUL. All 4 seasons those mountains as my daily backdrop are gorgeous.
  12. Giving our children family names. This may be a tradition everywhere, but I love it. Clayton has a family name all the way around. Clayton is my grandmother's maiden name, and Avery has been given to the first boy born for 4 generations.

There's so much more, but that's what I can think about right now.


Amber Gray said...

So I am interested in this deep fried oreo business..Ive never had them..

How do you make them?!

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I think you are right, things are great in the south. I had a man tell me the other day on the phone that I had the deepest accent he had ever heard. I find that hard to believe.

Lil Red Momma said...

We are totally going to get Deep Fried Oreo's on Saturday night....I am soooo looking forward to it.

jamielynn said...

my friends tell me all the time that i have the countriest accent and then they make fun of me for it. i don't even hear it..
do i have one nikki? haha

deep fried oreos? pinto beans? grits? ewh hahaha.

i love the south and that fact that we live in the bible belt. i love north carolina most of all. i think it's the best state haha.