Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prince Clayton

All is well for now at Mansion Carswell. Clayton's fever has finally went away. But, today he is really congested, coughing, and a runny nose. Maybe he just has a cold. I called the MD and that's what they seem to think. I didn't have to take him in yesterday or today since his fever got lower, and then eventually went away.

So, we are going to enjoy a day together. Gonna make lunch for our hubby/daddy. Something I never do on a Sunday. We don't usually have the time.

It's very unusual for me to not be in church on the Lord's day(well, everyday is His, I think you know what I mean though). I kinda feel like I'm skipping school or playing hooky from work. That's a good thing though. I am glad that God has given me the desire to be in His house and serving Him.

Say a prayer for the prince that he feels better soon, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled insanity. Enjoy your church today. If you aren't in one, then you should think about finding the one that God has for you. He loves you, and wants you there with Him and His people.


jamielynn said...

i love prince clayton and his king and queen! :]
i pray for him EVERYDAY, along with all of you!