Wednesday, August 11, 2010


2 John Deere Tractor Books
1 large stuffed cow
1 stuffed purple lion(I don't think you can see it in this picture)
1 Superman Monster Truck
1 Mack Truck
1 John Deere wanna be tractor with farmer(that looks more like a jockey instead)
1 broken silver monster truck(we still have both pieces because he plays with each piece independently)
1 Tonka truck

And 1 sleepy boy with a head cold(the reason for all that drool) that decided turn around backwards in the bed.

And my helper.  She loves this boy.  I think she would sleep in the bed with him if we would let her.  But as you can see I don't hink there's room left for anything else.  Soon, whenever we find one I like, he's going to graduate to a twin/bunk bed.  Maybe then Emma can have the desires of her heart and sleep in the bed with her boy.

(I tried to do a lot of different edits to these pics but somehow the pics seem to lose their integrity.  That's why they might look kinda sloppy.  And I was taking pictures in the dark with only the light from the hallway.)


Jennifer Beaver said...

This looks all to familiar! Last week it was Emma w/ pop-tarts & about 6 different puzzles, a green crayola marker w/out the lid might I add & a million stuffed animals. Sometimes I wonder how they can ever be comfortable in all that stuff, but I guess it's good security.
I also want to recommend Slumbertime Kids in Hickory across from Everett Chevrolet. I looked for a long time before finally deciding to buy the girls' bunk beds from them & it's been a good investment. I think the website is

A said...

so cute!!! Love it!

Jamie Lynn said...

Man, I love that boy:). I use to could sleep on a bed full of stuff like that. Oh wait, I still do! Ahababaha!

Jennifer said...

totally adorable!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Aw, now that's a kodak moment. :)