Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Update

Here's a list of what we accomplished/participated in this weekend.  It was a marathon, but they all are.

  • Our youth dug up(I really don't know how else to say that) potatoes for a children's home in TN.
  • Helped clean the fellowship hall at church.
  • Cookout(the restaurant)
  • Put together a a cabinet for our new Backpack program at church(actually Chad and another guy(THANKS!!) did this while I did something else)
  • Unpacked all the backpacks(I'm so very excited about this program we're privileged to be a part of).
  • With Mom's help made the bulletin board for church.
  • Went to Blowing Rock with my brother and SIL.  
  • Resisted the urge to buy a Coach bag.
  • Went to Makoto's for the first time.  Loved it!
  • Held a red head for the entire dinner because he FREAKED OUT during the fire portion of the show.  Seriously, he was so over it.
  • Resisted the urge to buy a Coach bag for the 2nd time in 1 day.  It was difficult but somehow I managed.
  • Got really confused in the Van Heusen outlet.  I buy most of Chad's clothes so men's clothes aren't a strange thing to me, but this store always stresses me out.  I think I had hives when we left.
  • Walmart
  • Church(I had to give a mini presentation about the Backpack program, a little less stressful than the Van Heusen store).
  • Held a sleeping boy all the way through service.  SMILE!
  • Lunch
  • Worked on Backpack program again.  Actually, Mom did the work and I just agree with her calculations.  That's how we roll.
  • Caramel Frappe'
  • Youth(with some awesome white chocolate covered pretzels)
  • Nursery.  We had the most amazing kids on Sunday night.  They were so much fun.  If nursery could only be that easy every time I was in there.
  • Cookout(again the restaurant)(It's new, can you tell?)
  • Walmart(again, GROWL)
  • Home
  • Bed
That's pretty much an average weekend for us.  Most people look forward to Saturday, we look forward to Monday.

On another note, school(EMS classes, finally) start tomorrow.  I'm excited.  I have my backpack packed, lunch box ready, and pencils sharpened.  I'm such a big nerd.  There's a million things on my to-do list for today so I'm outta here.  I wonder if I could talk Chad into a new outfit for school?


Swartzmomto3 said...

I don't know but I kinda think the Coach bag would have been a great accessory for back to school outfit! Sorry but I had to throw that in!!

Holly said...

The wkends always seem to fly by. There's always so much going on! said...

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