Saturday, February 11, 2012

Being a Mom!

I'm a mom.  I work a public job.  And I like(actually I really love what I do) it.  It works best for our family.  That doesn't make it the best decision for every family but it is the best for ours.  When I got laid-off in 2010 I considered staying home but very quickly realized that it wasn't right for our family.  Right now I work part time while I finish school.  Hopefully, when I'm finished with school I can go full time with the county I work in and their full time schedule is wonderful.  Especially for a mom with little ones.

I read a post recently that expressed what I have wanted to express for a long time but never seem to have the right words.  You can read it here

Whatever our choices as a mother we should support one another as mothers.  And be understanding of the differences and sameness(??).

Happy mothering!