Thursday, February 2, 2012

Busy is as Busy Does

Today is my first "real" day off in 10 days.  If I work a night shift and then have the following day off I don't count that.  While I should get off at 8am, it rarely ever happens and by the time I get Clayton it feels like it's already lunch time.  Bubba and I are just chillin' today.  We have a grand plan of cleaning the house and buying groceries.  And then making my husband a real dinner, because let's face it it may be 10 more days before I have another "real" day off.

Here's what's new in our world:

  • Clayton has a new obsession with Sesame Street.  He has never ever been interested in it.  But at almost 4 he is officially obsessed.  Since we're being lazy today, he's already on episode #2.
  • We are going to the circus on Saturday.  The real circus.  Ringling Brothers will have their hands full when the Carr/Carswell clan intrude on their circusy activities.
  • I have a clinical tomorrow and Clayton is going to get to spend part of the day and all night with my Grandmother.  He is very excited and has been talking about this for weeks.  It's very sweet.  He always asks to stay "much longer" when we're visiting.
  • I have fallen in love with my crock-pot.  I have always used it pretty regularly but since I now work 12 hour(at the shortest) days I like to have dinner ready to go when I get home.  And this helps us to eat more "real food" and less processed or take-out stuff(that is probably rotting our insides).
  • I only have 11 class days until graduation.  They are spread out over 11 weeks and I have a lot of clinical left to do.  But, it seems shorter saying 11 days.
  • Clayton is at the size where he's teetering between toddler sizes and the bigger boy sizes.  I usually end up getting his clothes in the bigger boy sizes now.  Belk was having an amazing sale last week and he got his first pair of big boy PJs.  The kind that don't come with a matching shirt like really big boys wear.  He thinks he's pretty hot stuff in jammies like his Dad.
That's about it for us right now.  The grocery store beckons me.  And my dirty floors too.