Monday, February 6, 2012

Circus(iPhone style)

 So this isn't so much the circus as it is a picture of my dinner from Date Night.  If you live locally to me this place is a must try.  Chad and I love it.  Root & Vine has amazing food and a really inviting atmosphere.  It's a little pricey so we don't get to go much but we really love it for a date night when it's just the two of us.

Now on to the circus.
 Almost all of my NC family(I have a tee tiny family) went circusing this past Saturday.  We had so much fun.  Because Clayton went with his parents, one set of grandparents, one aunt and uncle, and one great-grandmother he really racked up on the goodies.  We prefer the word "blessed" as to spoiled.  Although I'm sure both words apply equally.

 This twisty gem of a toy is courtesy of Great-Grandmother.  Clayton was a fan and it very quickly became a weapon.
 And of course cotton candy.
 And popcorn at the same time.

After the circus we took our circus to Maggiano's.  Do ya'll have one of these near you?  If you don't you should move near one. 

 After we ate lunch, Clayton wanted to play at the mountain, AKA fountain.  When he threw his money in, his wish was "to get all that money out of the mountain".  Brilliant!
And this is how all of us were feeling after our adventure.

It was so worth it.


Jamie Lynn said...

I adore his wish! :) haha!