Friday, May 11, 2012

Randoms from the iPhone

 Really cool Bama family sticker thingies my SIL gave me.
 Turn-Out gear and boots.  He is ready for tones to go off at any time.
 Date Night!
 Youth snacks for church.  This box makes me way too happy.
 Tats by Uncle Jesse
So, I had worked 24 the day before and Chad had very kindly asked Clayton to pick up all of his toys before bedtime.  Well..........I came home to clean house and sweep the floor.  I felt the broom hit something under the couch(not entirely uncommon because I don't always sweep under the couch...gasp!).  I moved the couch and found 3/4 of Clayton's Lincoln Log collection.  In all of his 4 year old wisdom, he told me they were there so they would "be safe".