Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day

Christmas was great for our family. The Christmas festivities began for us on Tuesday evening and have continued until just about an hour ago. It's been a great, and busy week. Just because I know you care I plan to go through each day event by event. Don't you feel special.

Tuesday evening, Chad, Clayton, and I went to the Tanglewood Festival of lights with the seniors from our church. Not high school seniors, the senior adults. Besides Clayton, I was the youngest person on the bus. It's a very interesting seat to fill. Anyway, I digress. Clayton of course loved the lights and giggled at each light display as we passed them. After Tanglewood, we had to go to Walmart and get a few last minute things for various meals for the next few days. 10:30pm is a great and recommended time to go to Walmart.

Wednesday morning began with brunch at my mother's parents. The food was fantastic. I love breakfast casserole. After brunch we came home for a nap (Clayton and his mommy both napped). Since Christmas Eve was on a Wednesday, we had church a little earlier than usual. Then I had to split paths with my boys. Chad and Clayton went to Chad's Grandmother's house for their Christmas celebration. I, being the wonderful older sister that I am, went to Jesse's church to play the piano for their Christmas communion service. It was a great service, and his church is awesome. They had the prettiest Christmas tree I have ever seen in a church. I met up with my boys a little later and listened to some Christmas music on the guitar performed by Chad's uncle.

Thursday morning we had our very first Christmas with Clayton right here in our home. We didn't get up too early, which was great. We all opened presents and played with our new toys(well, we all played with Clayton's toys). After Christmas at our house we went to Chad's parents house and had Christmas there, and we had a really tasty breakfast. More toys. And, Chad's sister is a whiz(think kid, not cheese) on the computer. She made Chad a really cool DVD of Clayton's pictures from his birth until now, and set it to a Phillips, Craig, and Dean song. It was AWESOME in every way. Tears, tears, tears. After Chad's parents we stopped in at his other Grandmother's house for a few minutes and had breakfast again. Yeah, why they call it breakfast at noon, I'm really not sure. It works though. After that was nap time. Everybody in the Carswell manor took(and needed) a nap. Lastly, but certainly not least we went to my parent's house and had Christmas there. As always anything we do at Mom and Dad's house is a blast. It gets loud in a nano-second, and yesterday was no exception. Clayton came home with so many toys, I think we could open a Toys R Us in our living room. Chad and I racked up too with some neat electronic goodies.

Friday evening(Ipromise this is the last one) we went to Christmas dinner at my other Grandparents. The Grands as I affectionately call them. I love going there, because something crazy always happens. This year was no exception. We get so loud and goofy in a manner of minutes. It's great.

I'm tired.

So, that was our crazy Christmas. It's so busy, but we have a lot of family that loves us dearly. It's great. Now I'm going to bed to rest up for next year.