Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pig Skin

As I have afore mentioned on this blog, we love football. All kinds of football. We unfortunately don't have time to go see High School games, but we kind of keep up with the teams in our area. However, we do keep up with College ball and of course the NFL.

On Saturday our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide battled the Florida Gators for the SEC Championship. The Tide fell to the Gators, but it was a great game. And, Bama played well. The Gators are a great team this year and they earned their win. And of course, there's always next year. Nick Saban seems to be a great coach with a lot of great leadership skills. And, there's always next year. Go Tide!!!

Then on Monday. The Carolina Panthers trampled the Buccaneers 38-23. Awesome game. Carolina played very well. And now, they are 1st place in the NFC South. Yippee.

And as a side note I really don't care for Jon Gruden. He just seems like an angry man. He's totally different that Tony Dungy, the previous coach at Tampa Bay. That's just my opinion.

More importantly than football, this weekend Chad was ordained as a minister. His service was on Saturday. It was a great service. The preachers that were in attendance did a great job at all of their respcetive roles. I am very proud of Chad and all that he does for our family. He has completed his BA, and is currently working on his MDV. Love Ya babe.