Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Almost Here

It's almost Christmas. It's so close now. I can't wait. I absolutely love Christmas and being able to get together with family. My family is so great. We're just loud and goofy, but we all love each other so much. Nobody seems to get offeneded when we pick at each other, and make fun of one another.

Last night we had a little mini pre-Christmas celebration at Mom and Dad's house. Just the seven of us. We hung out and ate sliders, fudge, mini pecan pies, and the best cheese dip in the world. Wow, I sometimes can't believe how big our little family is starting to get. I can't wait until there are even more of us. We really should have been Italian, the way that we eat and get so loud together. It doesn't take long for the decible level to reach max power.

So I think today is the last day with minimal craziness of this week. Tonight, Chad, Clayton, and I(well maybe just Chad and I) are going to decorate a few more Gingerbread men and women. Tomorrow evening the three of us are going to Tanglewood(a light display sorta near us) with a group of the seniors in our church. That should be a lot of fun. Wednesday is of course Christmas Eve. We have brunch at my mom's parent's house, then Christmas Eve service at our church, then I have to go play piano at Jesse's church for their Christmas eve service, then we will head to Chad's mom's mom's house for their Christmas get together.

Thursday is the big day. Christmas at our own house in the morning, and then to Chad's parents mid morning, then to my Dad's parent's house for lunch, then a nap(hopefully) for Clayton, and then we will go back to Mom and Dad's house for our real Christmas dinner. More junk food. Have a great Christmas.