Monday, December 15, 2008

Isn't That Special

The two most handsome men in the world. Just ask either one of them and they will tell you. Chad always says that he is the most handsome man, and that Clayton is second. I can't decide, I think they are both the most handsome.

My grandmother, Clayton's great-grandmother bought him this little suit for Christmas. And doesn't he look like a big boy in it. And, wow he really looks like Chad. Sometimes it just hits me how much he looks like his Daddy.

How cute can you get? Well, I must go and rescue my son's arm from the dog's water dish, or rescue the dog's water dish from my son's arm.


Jennifer said...

Handsome family indeed! (o:

jamielynn said...

I wore those ear/gun muff things.. Whatever they are called, I wore them today! The power behind that gun was awesome! Even though I completely and udderly missed my target..

I do believe Clayton is more banging in them than I.

It's a Carswell thing.