Friday, January 2, 2009


So the title means absolutely nothing. I'm not very creative and I can't always think up titles. I have big news though(well big for me and Clayton)


I'm a little excited. I had a great time with Gram and Papa, I really did. But, I miss the husby. He's a pretty cool guy, and a lot of fun. Also, let's do a recap of the last few days, shall we?

Wednesday I had to work a few hours and then went to Gran and Papa's house and just hung out. Wednesday is of course church day so we went to church in the evening. After church Gram and I headed back to the house for our raucous New Year's Eve Party(read snoozing). Well, we ended up talking about everything and nothing instead, and the next time we looked at the clock it was midnight, 1/1/09. Honestly I have no idea where the time went, but it was a lot of fun. We talked a little more and then went off to bed about 1am. That is so incredibly late for me. I rarely ever see the early am hours. It wasn't smart for me to stay up that late then either, I must have had a mental slip and forgotten that Clayton would definitely be up around 8am, and he was. Say la vie.

Thursday, Gram and I went to Blowing Rock for a little shopping. She got an awesome bag. It's really cool, and I may be a little jealous. Maybe I'm a lot jealous. Sigh. I found GREAT deals at Gap for Chad and Clayton. And for Mommy(Me) some great prices on scrubs. Gotta have them, and i might as well look as fashionable as possible in shapeless, unizex, clothes.

Friday, has been an adventure already. Freak and unexpected freezing rain visited us in the early hours. It took me an hour and a half to make a half-hour drive in to work this morning. Bad wrecks and road closings everywhere. God saw me safely to work. He loves me, and His mercy is overwhelming most days.