Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors(well maybe not the rock)

So, right now Chad and I are in his office at church. Cutting things. We are attempting to make a bulletin board for our church with the pics of the Father / Daughter Formal. I finished my part of the project, because I'm the queen. Chad's still working on his part. In his words he cuts like a 3rd grader. I'm just glad he's helping, and I don't have to cut everything. Awesome.

By the way. Chad rarely ever checks in on the blogosphere. So, since I'm posting while he's sitting here, he's a little nervous. I don't know why he should be nervous do you? Hehe(maniacal laugh)


jamielynn said...

chad gets nervous? i would have never thought..
why is he nervous? ahahah weirdo..
i love you guys.

i could seriously picture him saying "i cut like a third grader" but not just saying.. like saying because he's getting annoyed because he cuts slow or something.