Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Best Invention EVER!!!!!!!!!

I saw this handy dandy item a few months back, and thought then that I should blog about it. But, I felt a little like a dork taking a picture of it in the parking lot. So, I waited until there was definitely no one around before I wipped out my trusty "bat-camera"(a few of you will get the joke, Donna I will explain Monday)and snapped away.

This little cart is now available for use at the Food Lion near our house. I don't shope there much, but if I just need a thing or two and I'm on the way home I will swing in. That was the case last night when I used the BEST INVENTION EVER!

These darling carts are absolutely adorable. Whoever thought this up should get a Nobel Peace Prize. Now I never have to make the difficult decision of cart or basket? I only need 2 items so the cart is too big and the 6 pack of Dt. Mtn Dew will crush the loaf of Arnold's 15 grain, black sesame seed, oh so tasty bread. But, if I get a basket then I will see hamburger meat and laundry detergent at what would basically be considered a steal. Do you understand my dilemma? I have spent hours debating over whethere to use the cart or the basket.

Now, my dilemma is solved for me. Food Lion has taken out all of the guess work.

OK, so that was a really long post about this nifty blue buggy. It's definitely time for bed. Have a great Worship day tomorrow.


jamielynn said...

it's like the cart for people who can't drive (me) haha..
it's like the short buggie!

i like them pretty good. they make me feel as if i'm in control ahahaha! (insert evil laugh)

Simply Donna...... said...

You absolutely crack me up! Only you would take a picture of a little cart. However, they are pretty neat.

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I was so excited about the little blue dreams too! The first time that I saw them at the Food Lion in Lower Creek I had to call Jesse to tell him about them!