Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Got Dinged

So, I got dinged because I haven't blogged in a few days. I have no excuse, it's been a completely normal few days. Which for us is completely abnormal. So today I will blog about a few random things.

  1. Clayton has a new tooth. One of his top front teeth broke the gum yesterday. He's pretty excited about it because now he can grind this new tooth on his bottom teeth. This drives his mother CRAZY(She doesn't know what she has chosen to type in the third person, but she likes it, and may continue). The sound of grinding teeth makes her skin crawl. Honestly, this sounds make her want to yack(professional term).
  2. Chad bought me a new devotional book. I was shocked, surprised, and really impressed by this gift. As afore mentioned, Chad is not incredibly romantic. He tries very hard and is much better than in the past. Anyway, he brought home one of the Women of Faith devotion books. This one's about stress and worry. I wonder why he thought I might need that? Think, think, think. Oh yeah, he lives with me and knows I worry and stress about EVERYTHING. I don't just mean the big things like finances, food, and family matters. I mean like whether or not I left the dryer running, or if the door is locked when we go to bed. It's an issue I have. God is helping me. Anywho, thanks babe. I really appreciate it.
  3. We're going on a mission trip in August to Wyoming. I'm very excited. And, we get to take Clayton with us. Even more excited. I have never been to Wyoming, and I want to hit every state before I croak. I think we get to go to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons(is that one and the same, I don't know?) too. Very very cool.
  4. It's raining today. I like rainy days much better that sunny days. Do I need counseling? Probably.
  5. I am very proud of myself for eating correctly for almost 1 whole month. I have lost 6 pounds. Day to day, meal to meal. We can do this. Yes we can! No weight loss this week, but all you girls out there know why. No gain, just no loss either. Sigh!!

OK, so that's probably enough for now. Have a great one. Jesus loves you. Me too.


jamielynn said...

I'm going to go to Wyoming before I "croak". It's a goal of mine. I bet Clayton will have fun with that. I felt his tooth on top yesterday when I seen him for the few minutes that I did. Ahaha.. The noise is annoying. Because right after I touched it he started doing it again. He's a mess but it makes me love him even more..
Awh, that's sweet of Chaderackkk.
Let's see.. I think that's all I have to say for now. Love Ya!