Sunday, March 29, 2009

Definitely Consumption

In the most recent post, I mentioned that Clayton may or may not be coming down with some kind of consumption. Well, it's a definite now. He has an ear infection and wheezing. I didn't think the wheezing was that big of a deal, but his pediatrician certainly did this morning. It's back to the Dino Mask for us(well for Daddy and me to run, and Clayton to wear). Anyway we stocked up on the meds that were prescribed for him.

Clayton and I dropped off his prescriptions at Walmart and then headed for the grocery store. Why the grocery store? I hadn't been in 2 days since I had been, so by some cosmic law I had to go. No seriously I just needed a few things for lunch, and Dt Mtn Dew(very important). I digress, back to the cool part. When we were done at the grocery store, we headed back to Walmart to pick up Clayton's meds. There were three prescriptions. I had my wallet out to pay for them, and then the best thing ever happened. THEY WERE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right folks. FREE!!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting around $100, because Albuterol is pretty pricey. Apparently BCBS is running a special on generic formulary right now. They are FREE!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!

Anyway, God is good. Even in the simple things like Amoxicillin, Albuterol, and Ear Pain Drops. Thank you Lord for loving me like you do.


Joan Carr said...

God is so good, even in little things. However, you will never forget how God works in situations like this and it helps us to depend on Him more.

Simply Donna...... said...

Ohhhh, I am so sorry Clayton is sick. Let me know if you need anything. Love ya!

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I love my little monkey toes and hope he feels better. Free meds makes me very happy for you.

jamielynn said...

That is pretty dang awesome!
I love how God works right when you need him..
Poor Clayman....Him and that dino mask.
Bless his heart.

88keysross said...

Free things are definately a plus!