Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Update

It's been a bit of a crazy week. We'll start at the beginning, which was actually the end of last week(confusing).

We told our families that Chad and I are having another baby at Clayton's B-Day bash last Saturday, then on Monday I spilled it at work. I was way more nervous about spilling it at work, than telling our families. I knew our families would be tickled, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I told the good Dr. Things went great. Everyone seemed excited for us, and our family.

Sunday, was the usual busyness that accompanies all of our Sundays. The exception is that Jesse and Amy, Chad and I, took Mom and Dad out to dinner for Mom's B-Day. We had a lot of fun. Dinner with the fam is always a lot of fun. We get loud and goofy in about 30 seconds, and stay that way until we leave each other.

Monday, my Grandfather was admitted to Carolina's Medical in Charlotte for some complications related to CHF, and his other heart problems. Things seem to be going well for Grandaddy, and he seems to be starting to feel a little better. Please pray for him, that God would have His will, and touch his body, and make him as comfortable as possible.

Tuesday, Chad and I went to a talent show at the Civic Center in Lenoir. It was put on by Dyson, who is in our youth group. Dyson did most of the planning and organizing, and I must say that he did a fantastic job. Some of the talent was questionable, but overall the show was great.

Wednesday, Mom, Clayton, and I went to Charlotte to see my Grandaddy. It was a good trip. Clayton did a great job even though he was awake for most of the trip. He is such a cool kid.

Thursday(which would be today), I was fortunate to get off at lunch time. I took advantage of the situation and took a nap this afternoon. Then, Clayton and I played with his baseball toy, V-Tech video game, slide, and farm. I think we played with every toy in the house. We had so much fun. Chad went out and picked up dinner for us because I am absolutely pooped today, and I just didn't want to cook and clean up. I just wanted to spend time with Clayton and Chad. That's what I did.

Tomorrow Clayton has his "1" year old well check. I think he gets shots so that should be interesting. Oh well, they are important and keep him healthy. By the way, Clayton is WALKING. Not all the time, but a whole lot. He has walked all over the house today. It's really cool to watch him walk. He walks like a zombie. Too funny.

That's all I got for today. Have a great Friday everybody.


jamielynn said...

he walked like five steps in my room the other day and i busted out laughing because he had his arms stuck straight out and he hasn't quite got the feel for bending his legs.. then he lost his balance fell on his bottom.

too cute!

and yes, why yes he is a cool kid.