Monday, March 16, 2009


This post is coming to you live from Pigeon Forge, TN. That's right jealous folks, Chad and I are on a little Vacay this week. We decided to take a few days away from everything(except Blogger, Facebook, and my Crackberry). Day 1 has been great. A little shopping, eating, movie watching, and napping. It's definitely the good life.

Clayton is staying at Gram and Popa's tonight, and then at Maw and Paw's tomorrow night. We will be back on Wednesday and he of course will be back with his Mommy and Daddy. I hated to leave him behind. I really miss the little stinker. It's amazing how much faster I can get ready, and eat a meal when it's just the 2 of us, but I don't really prefer it that way anymore.

Oh well, enough pouting. I miss him, but this is good for Chad and Nikki. We've never really gotten away all by ourselves, and with numero dous (# 2) cooking away in there, the opportunity might not afford itself for quite some time. So, we took advantage.

OK, I've had enough of you guys now. I think I'm gonna go back to my Vacay and my hubby. Type at you later.


Tom Shuford said...

Hi Nikki,

How are you, Chad and Clayton? Hope everyone is doing well.

North Laurel Baptist in Valdese is having an ordination service for me on April 5th. Your dad is one of the preachers coming down the day before to tell the church whether or not to allow me in. I hope he's not to hard on me?! *smile*

Tell Chad and Jesse I miss them.

You, Chad and Clayton continue to be in my prayers.

God Bless,

Stay at Home Mommy said...

I hope yall have lots of fun. See you wednesday!

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I am so glad that you guys got a chance to get away! It is nice to do nothing sometimes, especially if I get to do nothing with Jesse.

jamielynn said...

Coming live from Maw & Paw's..
aunt james says...
"he's sleeping and i want him to wake up because i didn't get to see him yesterday because i was gone"
"/ hahaha..
i hope you guys have a ton of fun!! LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

Hope Y'all Have Fun. I'll be going to Nashville with our school on May 12th. Yay!! Vacay!!