Monday, July 13, 2009


All 3 of us at the Carswell Manor had a great weekend. Nothing too crazy, but it was absolutely wonderful.

Friday evening, Chad and I had our date. We decided to go see "Transformers". I was on the brink of heading to the OG, but when I left work I was feeling a little nauseous, so we went to a movie instead. I'm glad we decided to do that. The movie was incredibly loud and that sent Johanna into orbit. It could have been all of those peanut M&M's I ate. Either way, she was on the move. It got to be quite funny. After our movie we headed to Sonic for a hot dog, and Java Chiller. Then I went to sleep as soon as we hit the door at the house, and Chad watched the "Tour de France". We live wild.

Saturday morning I picked Clayton up at the normal package exchange location, and then he and I headed to VBS at my brother's church. They had a one day VBS, and did a great job with it. It was an amazing Luau theme. Clayton was just happy to have grapes and pineapples. After he had lunch, I took him home to take a nap. Those are required for both Clayton and his mother. One of the best parts about being pregnant, is that nobody thinks you're being lazy when you tell them you're going to take a nap. After nap time, all 3(or 4, although Jo has no say in the matter) of us headed back to Jesse's VBS for their cookout. And let me say, they had a slip 'n side. It was AWESOME!!!!!!! I neither slipped nor slid, but Clayton did, and he had a ball. He was wiped out once by a big kid, but that stuff happens. It toughened him up a bit, and after a good cry and wet hug with his Mommy he was good to go.

On Sunday, Chad preached both services at a church near our house. It was nice because it's only 2 miles from our house. We all took a nap on Sunday. However, we missed our Calvary very very much. We weren't home at the other church. It's amazing how quickly God knits your heart together with your church family. We had a great lunch with Jesse and Amy. We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like, but we try to make up for it when we do get together.

That was our weekend. It was great. Nothing crazy or even special, but it was absolutely wonderful. I have high hopes for this coming weekend too.

I have an OB appt late this afternoon. That's always fun, not. What woman in her right mind wants to get weighed every single month? Other than that, there should be nothing eventful at today's appt.

And this evening, Chad's taking our youth to a youth meeting over in the big city of Lenoir. And maybe another Sonic trip after that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope your Monday is a good one.


Jamie Lynn said...

Clayton sounded like a drug deal at first.
&& the wiped off by a big kid got me rollin:)