Thursday, July 9, 2009

What to do? What to do?

So, I have no idea what to do. Could you tell?

I have a date tomorrow evening. Yes, it's with the hubs. No, we aren't taking Clayton. Here's my dilemma. What do we want to do? Chad told me that I have to decide what we're gonna do. Do you know how difficult this is for me? That's like asking me to decide between a Coach bag and Dooney & Bourke bag. How do you pick? They're both equally fantastic. And, in the fantasy world I have plunked myself into at the moment I can actually afford one, and justify spending that amount of money. Well, if we're in this fantasy world, then I can afford both with matching wallets, change purses, and key chains.

Back on track. I really need your help about what we should do. Here are the options I've thought of thus far:

  1. Catch a movie. We have a super nice and huge theater in our town. This is what we always did when we were dating, and I don't think we've been to a movie in about a year. Honestly. We just don't have the time, and any free time we do have we want to hang with Mr. C(Kinda like "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", except much cooler). Furthermore, I don't even have a clue what's playing. I know Transformers came out recently, and because I'm a child of the 80's, I would like to see it.
  2. Have a nice dinner. We would have to go to the next town over to do that, because we've kinda exhausted all of our options here in town since I don't cook that often. And, a nice Olive Garden salad would be nice. The hubs isn't too keen on the OG though. Diabetics and pasta, not always the best combo. But, since I get to pick, I guess it's ladies choice.
  3. Order Pizza Hut in, and watch a movie at the house. We've been trying to watch "Marley and Me" for 2 months. Seriously. The DVD I bought wouldn't work, so we borrowed one from my BIL and SIL, and that wouldn't play past the first scene. We could always get yet another DVD, and try that again.

Do you see my dilemma? Compound all of these decisions with the fact that I don't want to be out late. Clayton and I have VBS plans on Saturday at my brother's church, and Chad has CARE at our church. Please help me decide. Any other thoughts on what we should do?

And Jamie, no I don't want to go to a livestock sale of any kind, or to a rodeo. Those options are out so don't even mention it. HA!


Stay at Home Mommy said...

If it was me I would go to dinner. I love movies but when me and bob are getting to spend time alone, I love to talk, and you cant really do that at a movie, people kinda get upset, and I love the olive Garden!

chris mitch travis cana said...

We often find ourselves in the same dilemma. We want to veg out and movie it, but then we leave feeling we missed out on an opportunity to connect.

i can't say i have any better ideas, but mitch and i love going to barnes and noble, going thru books together...whether it be home improvement "dreams" or funny books..and having some starbucks and window shopping the mall...but we also like going to toy stores and looking at stuff to get travis....just being big kids.

fyi, the support group i attend..we offer each other tips on what movies to see, exhibits (like body worlds-don't go to it) and things like that ...that would remind us of our losses. Marley and Me was advised NOT to see. But maybe by this time, you've heard the story line? you know the general idea?
just guarding your heart...

whatever you do, laugh. a lot.

Simply Donna...... said...

I like to go to the movies, but it cost way too much. I prefer to rent and watch at home. Thats a huge advantage because I can "pause it" if I need to go to the bathroom. (HeHe) J doesn't have to worry about me bashing the kid in front of us that is constantly talking (ugh)and I can wear my PJ's.

I vote for GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE and doing something.

Marley and Me is not that great - it's just ok...

Now, lovin the OG plan - oh my, I am druling. I'VE GOT IT- leave C at home and I will go with you. It can be our special night out - GIRLS RULE!!!!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

Haha, I was going to mention the horsesale, however that's not till NEXT weekend! & the Rodeo is next weekend too:)

You know me all too well my sista!!!:D

I would go with the dinner one and then back to the house to watch Marley & Me:)