Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hubs.........

.............. he's good.

Yesterday was Monday(obviously), and Monday is always the busiest day at my office. I worked until about 7pm, and was absolutely pooped when I made it home.

We had kept the 'rents dog last week while they were out of town. We love having Mattie at our house. She is a great dog, and Clayton LOVES her. Seriously, she's his BFF. The only down side to keeping Mattie is that she sheds. I think I could weave her discarded hair into an afghan(do you weave afghans?). This really does have a point. I had asked Chad to simply sweep and mop the floors in our house. We have hardwoods and tile, so you have to sweep and mop the entire house. Our house is small, so it's not a big deal. Currently sweeping and mopping hurts my back. Just one of those preggy things. And, Chad does an amazing job when he sweeps. The floors look new again(and that's saying a lot, the hardwoods are almost 70 years old).

Not only did he sweep and mop, he washed, dryed, folded, and put away all the laundry(there was a lot of that too), completely cleaned the bathroom, and ran the dishwasher. It was fantastic to come home to a very clean house. Thanks babe. I really appreciate.

How did I repay him? I took him to a Chinese buffet. Actually, he took me. Either way. He loves me. It's official.

PS Chad I promise to cook dinner tonight. You really are fantastic.


Jamie Lynn said...

he is pretty awesome:)
&& no you don't weave afghans..
you knit or croche' them. ahha