Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Met My Hubby(and a few other things)

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I think I shall link up with Kelly today and tell ya'll how I met the hubs.  And then a few other things later on in the post.

Chad and I met at church many year ago.  I think I was about 13(I think but don't hold me to that).  Anyway I kinda thought he was strange and a little odd.  You gotta remember that Chad is 100% country and I am 100% not country.  He wears boots and I wear sparkly completely useless flip flops.  That's just how we roll.  Anyway I grew up in church.  Chad did not.  His family was not faithful to church until they started going to the church we attended when he was a teenager.  After sometime his family recommitted their relationship with the Lord and became faithful to the church and to the Lord(which really is more important that faithfulness to the church, just sayin').

I was really young so I still didn't pay much attention to Chad.  But little by little this hard core country boy began to catch my eye.  And when I say country I really do mean it.  Back in the day Chad was a blue ribbon rodeo star(calf roping and horsemanship), worked on a commercial hog farm, lived on a commercial poultry farm(can we say GROSS!!), and can fix about anything with a diesel engine.  He's still trying to teach me the difference between donkeys and mules.  Don't judge.  I don't remember how things progressed but shortly after I turned 16 we went on our first date.  We saw the worst movie ever "The Truman Show".  It's a funny story now though. 

We dated(which mainly meant the movies or Friday and Saturday  night dinners at my house) for about a year and then we broke up.  I still maintain that it's all Chad's fault.  But for some reason he says it's mine.  I'll never believe that.  We didn't so much as speak for a year and a half.  But then one day we went to McDonald's(very romantic I know) and it was like nothing had changed.  That was in March and we were married in October.  I was 19 and he was 20.  Getting married that young without a doubt has its challenges.  But God has worked wonders in our lives and our relationship and kept us together, faithful to each other, and faithful to Him.

Our lives are interesting that's for sure.  We are incredibly busy and wouldn't have it any other way.  We joke and say that God gave us the life we never knew we wanted.  And every word of that is true.  This is the condensed version for sure.  Maybe one day I'll give ya'll the rest of the story(ie what God purposed independently in our hearts that year and a half that we wouldn't speak to each other).

A few more things(bullet style):
  • Leaving for another Ladies Conference in a few hours with Mom and my SIL.  I'm excited and can't wait for the fun that you have by being around all ladies.
  • My dad's BDay was this week.  Happy BDay Daddy!!  Now I need your help for a gift for the man that has everything.  Seriously some help would be nice.  I can't let my brother show me up.
  • I turned Clayton's room into a big boy room yesterday.  I cleaned out all of his baby toys and took down some of his baby decorations.  He now has a truck and tractor room.  Besides Veggie Tales(and I am NOT decorating his room with Bob the Tomato) trucks and tractors are his most favorite thing in the world.  And they are his most prized possession.  He room is all "trucked" out now.  He walked in his room last night and said "Wow".  Too cute and worth all day sorting the plastic toy mountain.
  • And last but certainly not least.  Johanna would have been 6 months old today.  I can say that today without tears but not without emotion.  My heart still breaks for what I don't have and for what I feel like I'm missing.  But that also means she's been with Christ for 6 months.  And it's all been part of one eternal day for her.  Miss ya JoJo.  See ya soon.
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Jennifer said...

Love your meeting story and must say that isnt it great to have met the love of your life in one of the most important places in your life (we met at church too)! and also hope you gals have fun!! remembering with you today!!

Holly said...

Happy 6 months Johanna!

I think that's funny that he was all country and you weren't. Opposites attract! lol

Jamie Lynn said...

A donkey is a donkey. A mule is when a boy donkey gets a mare preggo hahaha which makes a mule (donkey horse mix) hahahahhahahaa.. Mules are bigger than donkeys and they look slightly different.

I just told you all that for no apparent reason ahhahaa..

I think you and Chad's story is awesome and someday I hope when I marry that I can be somewhat like y'all.

You guys are an inspiration to me.

Kelly said...

I love your story!! You definitely should share the rest of it (that 1 1/2 years you didn't speak!).

Hope you have/had a wonderful time at the conference.

Happy 6 months Johanna!

Love ya girl!

Pam said...

Did you go to the Beth Moore Simulcast anywhere? Just wondering. Can't wait to hear about your trip!!!!!
Happy Heaven-Day to JoJo. What a blessing.