Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Clayton and I survived our first night alone. Actually we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  He got to play outside after dinner for 2 hours.  We played trucks and tractors and ball.  And then rode the horse with Uncle Andrew(Chad's brother) and our almost nephew Zach(it's a way long but wonderful story, and hopefully he'll be completely ours before long).  Clayton loves Zach.  Zach is 6 and I kinda thought he would get aggravated by a 2 year old following him around all googly eyed, but he doesn't.  Then while Clayton ate a snack with Mawmaw I taught Zach the finer points of football.  But I told him I would only teach him if he would be an Alabama fan.  We didn't succeed at our first(and only) play.  Nick Saban would have been disappointed at our blocking.  But in all fairness my blocker was outweighed by 200 pounds and outnumbered by about 20 years.  Andrew was the entire opposite team.

I started a new Bible Study last night and I LOVED IT.  It's a 365 day walk through the women of the Bible.  It started oddly enough with Eve.  Imagine that right.  And the approach was so different than I imagined.  Usually Eve is seen as this evil, insubbordinate, disrespectful, and headstrong woman.  And all of that is true.  But she was also a broken woman.  And because she became broken God used her in an amazing way and taught her amazing lessons and theological principles(don't I sound smart).  Eve was broken by her sin and its consequences.  Of course she had all the consequences we normally think of.  But for herself she had to pay the consequences in the lives of her sons.  One son was murdered and the other son was the murderer.  I'm pretty sure that was a rough day.  But then God restored her and gave her another son, Seth.  And from reading the scriptures we find that Eve had something a lot of us(I fit in this category too) never achieve.  She had VICTORY.  She knew the battle was the Lord's and not ours.  She knew that even though the snake would bruise the heel of her offspring her offspring would eventually crush the head of the snake(obviously paraphrased).  I think Eve had mommy and wife guilt and life guilt like we all do.  But she could live about that guilt because she remembered that God had already given her the VICTORY. 

And you can too.


Joan Carr said...

I started a new Bible Study yesterday too.Ephesians by Kay Arthur.

Simply Donna...... said...

That sounds like an awesome Bible Study. I might have to try that one. Thanks for the heads up.

Jamie Lynn said...

I loved having Clayton over and how he climbed up in the chair when I brought in food! Ha, love it!<3

Glad y'all came over:)!! Missed Chaderack though!

I like that Bible Study.