Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vision, Humor, Trees, Glasses, and Sharks

Today I saw:

  • An adult wearing pajamas in public.  This really irritates Chad and very very few things irritate Chad.  We're talking full on flannel PJ's with tennis shoes and a ratty t-shirt.  Gotta love living in the country.  Does this happen to ya'll city folks?
  • And adult male with a tattoo on his forehead.  It was like a sun thing in the middle of his forehead with some kind of crazy swirly thing on each side of his face.  It was very strange.  Clayton didn't quite know what to make of the situation.  It's not like you see that every single day.  He just kinda stared at the guy and then gave him the evil eye.
  • Mattie(Dad's dog) standing on a glass coffee table.  Somehow she got on the table by accident and then she couldn't figure out how to get down.
  • A hefty sized lady wearing a belly shirt while I registered for summer classes.  I think my warped sense of humor is gonna love going back to school.
  • A five star chef cooking bologna on a stick.  And I happen to think this is brilliant and he should be awarded the Nobel Prize for putting a stick on bologna and then deep frying it.
It has been a most fascinating day.  I'm thankful that God has given me the gift of sight and also the gift of humor.  And yes I do believe God intends for us to have a little joy in our life.

Tomorrow Clayton and I are gonna go with Tram to the eye doctor and help her pick out new glasses.  And then, drumroll please, we're going to a hands-on science museum type place in our area.  They have fish and sharks and stingrays and things that live in trees and a hands on area for preschoolers(and appartenly run-on sentences).  Tomorrow evening we have our monthy ladies group meeting.

And then..............

The hubs will be home late tomorrow evening.  YAY!!!!!  It's been nice to sleep in the middle of the bed.  Well I may or may not do that anyway, but this week nobody has made me move.  But I'm ready to have him home so our lives can get back to their abnormally normal state.

Good night peeps.


Allison said...

Yes, prepare yourself because college students wear some CRAZY CRAZY stuff including pajamas, toe socks with flip flops, shirts as dresses with their booties hanging out, stilettos to class, and plenty of other things you would NEVER think u'd see! :) Sorry Ive been MIA! I promise Ive been reading and following along- just havent had time to comment. Thank you thank you thank you for always being a source of encouragement to me!

Jennifer said...

you know i am forever more being accused of sleeping in the middle of the bed...good grief why can't they just accept that maybe we were just tryin to snuggle(yeah right). but i'm glad i'm not th eonly one who likes the "middle". glad you guys got along ok without chad!

Lucy and Ethel said...

You should have plenty of blog fodder upon your return to school!!! Maybe you should take a camera.

The museum sounds GREAT!!! We had a birthday party for Katie (years ago!!!) at the science museum in Hickory, and it was so much fun. That was the ONE route not on 70 I bothered to memorize!


Jamie Lynn said...

Wow.. very interesting.
Let me know how Clayton likes the sharks and whatnot:)!

Holly said...

That's why so many people just like to people-watch. You can see a lot of weird and interesting things (and sometimes gross too!).