Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

So last night, I had plans to go to dinner with a friend.  It was supposed to be like a last hoorah, girls night out, kinda thing.  Well, when we left Morganton, I thought headed in that direction.  I was totally duped. 

We had to first stop at Barnes and Noble and get a prize for Clayton.  He had his flu shot yesterday, and took it like a champ.  Seriously, no whimpering or anything.  Chad took him, but I told him before they left that I would bring him home a prize if he was a good little man(he always is, so I had already planned to retrieve a prize).  One of Clayton's most favorite things right now(and for quite a while actually) is a book.  I scoured the bargain rack and actually found 3 books for Clayton and 1 for me, for the same price that you might normally pay for 1 single solitary children's book(why are they so expensive now?).

Co-conspirator number 1(and my driver) suggested that we go to the Olive Garden.  I was immediately on board because they currently have pumpkin cheesecake.  Off we head to the Olive Garden.  She parks me in the boonies(I didn't know this was for a reason), and we start hoofing it to the front door of the restaurant.  I notice a car that looks vaguely familiar, but it didn't even register that this could in fact be someone I knew.  We get inside, and co-conspirator number 1 asks if I need to use the restroom.  I thought was really strange because I am 27 and can usually decided for myself when I need to go(she's reads this blog and is laughing at me right now I'm sure).  Little did I know she was trying to get me out of the way so she could talk to the host all by herself(I'm seriously the most clueless person alive).  I tell her no that I'm fine, but could we please sit at a table instead of a booth to make room for baby.  She gives our stats to the host, and apparently tells them we have a reservation and gives them the name and everything.  I hear absolutely none of this.  I'm so totally not listening or paying attention to what she's doing.  I was probably being very mature and checking my Facebook.  We're immediately whisked away.  I was just excited that we didn't have to wait, because it meant I would be home before 10pm(I'm apparently very shallow).

As we rounded the corner I see co-conspirators number 2-5 sitting at the table.  I was floored.  Some of my peeps had tricked me and surprised me with a Johanna Celebration dinner.  It was absolutely wonderful.  They had went in together to get me a gift certificate for a massage, facial, and pedicure(3 of my most favorite things).  And they even made the appointment for me for this Friday.  They had a little help from co-conspirator number 6, which happens to be my very own husband.  He tricked me too.  And when I texted him from dinner he just laughed and said "Got ya".  Yes you did. 

It was a great evening, and a great way to celebrate Johanna.

And yes I did get my pumpkin cheesecake(I know you were wondering), and it was everything that I remembered from the last fall season.  So very good.

Also, my brother and SIL Amy gave me a beautiful charm bracelet with Jo's initials, special scripture(Psalm 127:3), and birthstone on it.  This past Christmas they had given me a necklace with Clayton's picture etched on it.  It's simple and gorgeous.  I had mentioned to Amy that I wanted one of these for each of my children.  Because we don't know exactly how things will go with Johanna, Jesse and Amy decided to get me a little something different for her.  It compliments the necklace so well, but is still completely and totally different.  So today, I'm wearing both of my children(in a completely non-creepy way of course).  I have Clayton around my neck and Johanna around my wrist.  Love it. 


Allison said...

hahahahah I am picturing your clueless self checking her facebook and thinking about pumpkin cheesecake while the conspiracy is going on right in front of your eyes :) Thats Awesome! SO glad you were surprised! Surprises are the best! Id love to see some pictures of your necklace and bracelet if you feel led :) That is a great idea! :)

Kelly said...

That's so sweet of your friends! I know you had a wonderful time!

I'm sure the bracelet and necklace are beautiful!

Jamie Lynn said...

Hahaha, I was so excited!
&& I LOVED Amy & Jesse's gift!

Simply Donna...... said...

You my friend are so easy to pull a surprise on. That's number 2 for me. I had a great time. We must go to Olive Garden again before they stop having pumpkin cheesecake - I have got to have some.

Seriously, while you are out of work and when you feel like it, we will have a girls night or day out. You let me know when your ready. Hey we could go Christmas shopping or not.

Simply Donna...... said...

By the way, I did not park you in the boonies and yes I was laughing while reading your post.

Emma and Company said...

What a great surprise! You have great family and friends!! I would have loved to see your reaction!