Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bob, Larry, and Audrey

Today was a very special day for our family.  We saw some of the Veggie Tales live and in person or vegetable whatever.  Before Christmas I found the VT "The Star of Christmas" in the $5 bin at Walmart.  I bought it for Clayton to watch in what's becoming our Friday night Family Movie night.  After "The Star of Christmas" we were all immediatley hooked.  Clayton also received more VT DVD's for Christmas.  The "Heroes of the Bible" series is a fantastic and fun way to tell some of the more recognized Bible story.  The others "God Made you Special" and "The Good, The Bad, and The Eggly" are just plain funny.  And they do have a great theme of how special and loved each person is to God.

Anyway, we have a major addict on our hands.  Clayton would watch the VT all day long if we would let him.  We have rationed him to 1 viewing per day.  And it's normally in the morning right after breakfast.  I need my coffee with Skinny Caramel Macchiato Creamer and Clayton needs Bob and Larry.

One of our church members called Chad on Thursday and told him that Bob and Larry were going to be at a Lifeway Store in the next town(Thanks, Sonny).  Chad and I decided that if there was any way possible to get their we were going to see Bob and Larry today.  Thankfully the weather cleared up this morning and we were able to meet Clayton's heroes of the moment.  And we also used a gift certificate for lunch at Cracker Barrell(thanks Youth Group, ya'll are the best).  It was a great family day.  And frugal too(well sorta but more on that in a few).

Red has been a little under the weather lately.  He just couldn't make it.
But when he saw these guys he was WIDE AWAKE!
Introduce slowly.  I think a life sized tomato and cucumber would be frightening.  Not for Clayton.
Clayton would look everywhere but at the camera.

He really did enjoy himself.  After lunch, Chad had to make a hospital visit so Clayton and I headed to the nearest Goodwill.  Score!!  When we were in the checkout line an elderly lady asked him what his name was and he responded "Bob".  Maybe we need to change that ration to once a week.

Our Lifeway was having a pretty decent sale today.  Chad and I picked up a few things for ourselves in addition to the VT DVD that was on sale(and they gave us a VT Umbrella and Cookie Cutter.....Double Score!!).  One of the things I grabbed was the new "Selah" CD, "You Deliver Me"(maybe it wasn't such a frugal family date after all).  I am so hooked on this band.  Their music is phenomenal.  This bonus track on the CD is "I Will Carry You".  If you don't know the story of Todd, and Angie Smith (Todd's the male voice behind Selah) you should definitely check out Angie's blog.  Their 4th daughter died 2 hours after her birth.  Like us they knew ahead of time that their daughter was "incompatible with life" and chose to respect her life.  I'm rambling.  The song is fantastic.  I cried and then I laughed in the clergy parking at Frye Hospital.  The passers by probably thought I was insane but that's OK because I am a slightly off kilter.  Please listen to this song.  I realize you're busy and have better things to do.  But if you have the time please listen.  It's a fantastic remberance and reminder of the roller coaster of our new life.


Joan Carr said...

Love the pictures of Clayton, Bob, Larry and Daddy. So glad that you guys enjoyed this together as a family.Precious and Priceless Moments together.

I can't wait to hear the entire Selah CD. However the song/video was so sweet and it brought back a lot of emotions and memories for "Tram".

Monica said...

We are huge VT fans around here! I thought they would grow out of them, but at 12 and 8 they still love them! The Silly Songs are in our car a lot!

"I Will Carry You" Is a song dear to my heart also, I just cannot listen without crying.

Kathleen said...

roflol - we are all hooked on VT, too. Everyone finds it hysterical that when my daughter got married (no kids yet - she was just setting up her first home) she wanted the VT because she and her hubby liked them =p I had to go and buy some because I missed my VT fix - roflol! Naturally, the grandkids are also hooked on VT, too, and now we both have many more VT movies and CDs =)

Jules said...

I love Selah, but hadn't heard this song. It game me cold chills as I watched the video. The pictures were bittersweet.

Holly said...

We haven't watched much veggie tales at our house but it's cute!!

I Will Carry You is a very special song. I listened to it constantly after we got Carleigh's fatal diagnosis and cried and cried. Heck, it still makes me cry!!