Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keeps You Warm and Your Hands Free

I mentioned yesterday that if I was going to do a Valentine's Day post it would be of the type and sort of the post that would make the blogosphere gasp and nobody would want to read.  Well as it turns out I was wrong.  Well maybe not wrong because you probably won't find this as interesting and funny as I do but it's my blog and our life and I think it's funny.  But the blogosphere probably won't gasp.  The world won't change the spinning on its axis and global warming will keep warming(or cooling in our area).

Chad and I have never been overly romantic or sentimental with each other.  That doesn't take away from our love for one another at all.  It's just how we're made up.  I don't need over the top mushy gushy stuff very often.  And Chad is about the least romantic I have ever known.  He seriously is but that's OK.  I knew that before we were married.  And if you expect your mate to change after you're married you seriously need to have your head examined because that just doesn't happen in the real world.

Last night(actually its already this morning because against my better judgment(or mainly because I'm just sooooo excited) I'm typing this at 12:03am.....insane) was the Couples Banquet at church.  It's fun to celebrate marriage in a culture that is starting to let marriage slip away.  Due to the snow and nastiness we ended up having both of our cars in Lenoir after the banquet tonight.  We needed to get them both home(remember we live 30 minutes from our church) tonight.  After the banquet I went to my brothers and SIL's house(Jesse and Amy) to get Clayton.  They had so graciously agreed to keep him all day today and this evening.  Thanks guys!  He was a super tired boy and didn't even wake up when I got him out of the car seat and into his bed.

Anyway, Chad stayed behind to finish the clean up effort at the church.....OR SO I THOUGHT.  It turns out he left as soon as I was out of the parking lot.  He knew that I would have to talk to J and A for a few minutes before I could say the final goodbyes.  I stopped to buy gas and then called Chad to ask him where he was(mainly because I had forgotten my house keys but that's a different story for a different day).  He told me that he was buying gas and we worked out a plan to meet and I would follow him home.  He was cool with that so sleeping handsome(beauty just wouldn't work here) and I cooled our jets for a few minutes.  I saw Chad pass by and we jumped in behind him and were once again headed home.

The last road before our house is a 4 lane road and it's not heavily traveled after 9pm.  All of a sudden Chad just speeds up and leaves me in the dust.  I thought it was weird but that was all I thought.  I just assumed he was being a goofy boy.  When I pull into the driveway I notice the front door is standing wide open and so is the car door.  That's weird for Chad.  He came strolling out of the house like nothing is wrong so I ignore it.

After a few more minutes of unloading our sherpas(otherwise known as automobiles but we practically live in Lenoir so we have to carry a lot of junk with us) and getting Clayton into bed, Chad asked me how busy would we be in the morning.  I said it's a Sunday.......DUH..........we'll be swamped and racing to get out the door on time.  He says OK then I'll give you your present tonight.  


I think my ears have deceived me.  Did he just tell me he had a present?

He did.  And I am now the proud owner of this...........................................

I happen to think the "Snuggie" is the smartest invention possibly ever.  I am a voracious reader.  And we live in an old and drafty house.  How am I supposed to read, stay warm, and turn the pages at the same time?  "Snuggie" you have saved my life and answered all my questions.  I have wanted a "Snuggie" FOREVER!!!!  Seriously I about bought a knock-off a few months back but it kinda felt like sand paper so I decided to pass.  And when I saw this pink one a few weeks ago I about went gaga in the store.  But I'm so cheap(I meant frugal) I rarely buy things like this no matter how bad I want it.  So my hubs got me one for VDay.  And he gave me cards from the babies(yes both of them, bonus points for adding JoJo to the card) and a hilarious card from himself.  It's one of those cards that only he and I would appreciate.

I LOVE YOU SNUGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND YOU TOO CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised.  A "Snuggie" is so much better than flowers.  It's the gift that will give back all winter long.

PS I'm a little behind on ya'lls blogs.  But I'll catch up soon I promise.

PPS  Please come back tomorrow.  An amazing how did we get from that to this is in store.  I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.


alexandrea said...

love it, I do not have a snuggie , i actually need to invest in one but need to get the kid one, since i am so short and feellike I drown in the full size version

Holly said...

A Snuggie! How romantic!! :) It's even pink!