Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GRIEF(it's funny so keep reading)

Few minutes

With all of the events of the last almost year I am a firm believer that grief affects every single person in a different way.  Chad and I don't wallow or wail too often.  That's not our style.  Our grief is starting to show up in some really strange, although hilarious, ways. We forget things.  Important things.  Remember the pellet heater story a few weeks back?  That's just the start of the insanity. 

Here goes......................

Sundays are by far the busiest day of our week.  From the time we get up until the time we go to bed, the whole days is a race(that's just to remind you that we build in no extra time for anything on Sundays simply because we can't they're just too busy).  Here's where the fun starts.

Chad and I have a system set up whenever he needs a refill of his Insulin.  We can never run out it's simply not an option for Chad.  He would be in the ICU or the morgue(morbid but true) in a few hours if he ran out so we don't let that happen.  Normally.  I had filled out the refill request online and the order was ready to be picked up on Thursday.  Cool.  One of us would remember to get it and all would be right in the world again.  Or so we thought.  Neither one of us thought anything about it again until Chad needed to change his pump lines(that's something a pump user should do every 3 days).  When he changes out his pump stuff(I've really dumbed this down so it makes some sense) he adds more Insulin to the pump. 

On Saturday evening Chad is getting all of his supplies lined up to do the change for that day.  I'm making a few edits to his finally finished thesis and wearing my "Snuggie" when I hear "Uhm..........honey.............do I not have any Insulin?"  I respond "Uhm.............did you not pick it up at the pharmacy?"  Chad responds "No..........I'm guessing you didn't either".  We had forgotten to get the precious life juices that Chad must have.  Neither one of us freak out and I'm simply amazed.  Chad had enough Insulin in his pump to last until about noon on Sunday.  No biggie Chad and Clayton can go to church.  I'll get the Insulin when the pharmacy opens at 10am and head to Lenoir.  Easy peeze lemon squeezy.


I had checked the hours of operation for the pharmacy online.  Silly me didn't think that the actual store and the pharmacy might have different hours until I was in the shower.  The store(we use a large chain so theorhetically we can get Insulin anywhere) opens at 10am but the pharmacy doesn't open until 11am.  I messenger Chad and tell him what's going on but that I'll be at church by 11:30.  It's not the ideal situation by any means but its what has to be done so we deal with it. 

Around 10:30am I'm getting my stuff together and doing one last sweep of the house to make sure we have everything.  Then I realize I don't have any car keys.  NONE!!!  Chad had wanted a CD(Selah if you must know) that was in my car and instead of bringing the keys back inside he just pocketed them and headed off to Lenoir.  OOPS!!  I messenger Chad again and ask him if he had the keys.  By this time I have literally dumped the entire contents of my purse on the table and sifted through everything.  I don't have the keys but my bag is now cleaned out.  Bonus!

When Chad gets finished teaching his Sunday School class he messages me and tells me he has my keys and that he'll be home shortly.  He works out a plan for Clayton to just stay with my parents and play.  And we're gonna get the Insulin and head right back to Lenoir so we can get everything finished that has to be accomplished on a Sunday.

Obviously our normal Sunday routine was more than slightly altered.  Insanity.

So if you or anyone you know is currently in the grief process cut yourself or them a little slack when they do totally bonehead things.  I'm still laughing at our major OOPS!


Jennifer said...

LOL You guys are so funny!!! You always keep me smiling...love ya sis!!! Still praying for ya everyday!

Kelly said...

Wow, that is so crazy!! So glad everything worked out ok. Thanks for the laugh today! :D

Jamie Lynn said...

I would most definately be the person that pocketed keys when I was in a totally different car.

Holly said...

i have found myself being a little forgetful at times over the past year!