Thursday, July 15, 2010


So today in my car my brother(whom I love very dearly and can make me giggle like absolutely no one else) dared me to do something.  Nothing strange like "Truth of Dare", but more on that at the end of the post.  Anyway he tells me that he wants to do a Triathalon and wants to know if I'll join him.  I told him NO and he of course wanted to know why and I told him.  First I would have to swim which I'm not that great at mainly because it involves getting my face wet and that makes me panic something awful.  And second I would have to ride a bike which I can kinda sorta do.  I couldn't ride a bike until I was 8 and I never really liked it once I learned the basics.  Don't laugh at me I'm not a coordinated person and that whole pedal and balance thing threw me for a loop.

So in a half joking way I said we should do a 5K next spring(our town has an annual run every May).  And in a completely serious way he said OK.  And I'm pretty sure I know when he's serious and when he's not.  And he was serious today.

Here are the problems with the scenario above.  I don't really exercise all that regularly and Jesse is at the gym 5-6 days a week.  Some days he's there at 5:30am.  And something about that just makes me want to strangle him.  Disgusting.  And I don't have running shoes.

Should I do it?

I confess I'm a little scared to even attempt something like this.  I'm way out of shape after having 2 babies in 22 months.  But I think that if I commit to doing it Jesse(and ya'll now that you know) will keep me committed and on track.  And we can train(hehehehe that sounds so funny) together.  So what's the verdict?  Yay or Nay?

And back to "Truth or Dare".  While I was typing that I was reminded of things that make me think of Jr. High School.  And I thought of something I wanted really bad then but never got(tear).  And in all truthfulness I didn't need it, it was just a pile of junk, and a total waste of money.  Anyway there was this board game called "Mall Madness".  I really wanted it.  It came with money and a credit card and it talked to you and everything.  It was all a 12 year old girl could ever dream of(my dreams were small in those days).  After I thought about it tonight I had to Google it and take a look.  Does anybody else remember this game?

Don't you just love the vests, bangs, and sideways pony tails.  Too cool for words.


Jamie Lynn said...

... I would have wanted that game too! Cool.

& for the 5k..
Go for it!
Not everyone can say that they ran a 5k..
& plus, it's making memories with your brother:).

Jennifer said...

nikki i think that after this past year and a half you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!!! it will be a great experience and look at all the benefits, time with your brother, getting into shape and shoes!!!! that in itself should have been big sign to you of all people!!!! lol love ya girl! go for it!

Mommy said...

you should def go for it! and yes me and my sister had that game and sadly to say we dressed like that too, lol

Jules said...

That commersial brought back memories....I never owned that game but I had a friend who did. I remember dressing like that and having a side ponytail. We all thought we were so hot and cool back then. (Those 2 words look rather ironic together...but you all know what I mean.)

As for the 5K...I say go for it! Jennifer said exactly what I think. Memories with brother, get into shape, buy new shoes. I mean seriously you knock out 3 birds with one stone! :o) My sister and I have been semi-training for a bike ride later this year and it has been great for us!

Monica said...

You should totally do it!!
Sean runs marathons for Evan now so I am thinking about doing the 5K family fun run next year! I am totally not a runner either, but I am going to try!

Monica said...

You should totally do it!!
Sean runs marathons for Evan now so I am thinking about doing the 5K family fun run next year! I am totally not a runner either, but I am going to try!

Simply Donna...... said...

hummmmm....water aerobics was fun when we did that. We were pretty commited to that. But, running is a totally different story to kills my knees. But it would be nice to spend quality time with your brother and accomplish a goal together. Oh just do it, but no whinning.