Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Claytonisms

  • Hook It         = Anything that should be, or already is attached to a trailer(Clayton's most favorite thing in the world)
  • Thanks          = It's really cute, and he says it all the time, even when he should be saying You're Welcome
  • Welc             =   On the occasion that he does remember to say You're Welcome this is how it comes out
  • Hoink            = That's the sound a pig makes.  Not oink, but hoink.
  • Jommies        = Pajamas
  • Clip Clop      = Flip flops
  • Choc Milk     = Chocolate Milk, even though he can say chocolate
  • Cow Tractor  = On the movie Cars(which is his new favorite) there is a scene when Lightning and Mater go cow tipping and the cows are tractors.  He really likes that part of the movie and will just giggle.  Too cute.
  • That's Tool    = That's Cool, usually directed at something of a vehicular nature
  • Finny             = Finished
  • Trayon          = Crayon
  • Canny           = Candy
Also on a daily basis we hear the non cute things.  No, don't like it, take it off.  And about 12,436 times a day I hear "Det down Emma".  And then 12,437 times a day I hear "Emma tome here.  That kid is something else.


Jamie Lynn said...

I like how he learned to kiss:) but, he won't ever kiss me when his daddy's around because Chad always says "shew nasty" :(. Mean, I say.

I like when he said "Tank you, Jamie".. makes my heart smile!!

Holly said...

Love the "isms". It's a good idea to write them down so he can laugh at them later.

Donna said...

They do say the sweetest things that live on in your heart forever...my child is 26 years old and I still hear in my head "Gicco berry much" for "thankyou very much!! whenever I hear it!! Ha!!!