Thursday, May 14, 2009

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
Waiting is the hardest part of anything. It doesn't matter if what you are waiting on is full of excitement or full of dread. Waiting is the hardest part. I absolutely love this verse.
I think the first time I ever really pondered on its meaning was after a message by Bro. Tom Gilliam. He is an evangelist that I have had the privilege of sitting under many, many times. And will indeed have the privilege again next week at our church's spring revival meeting. Anyway, he posed this thought. At first glance this verse seems to be written backwards. Soaring, then running, and then walking. Oh, but we know that's not. God is of course sovereign in everything, and that includes writing the Bible. Try thinking of it like this. Soaring is a quick activity, it doesn't take much determination or dedication. Running is slower than soaring, but still it is a quick activity. However, walking is slow and methodical. Often times we want to soar or run to get to the end of whatever we are facing. But, when we do that we often miss what God has planned for us along the way. When you fly to Nevada, you miss the mighty Mississippi, but if you were to drive to Nevada, you would be able to cross the Mississippi slowly and take in its grandeur and magnificence.
Sometimes I want this part of my life to be behind me, and to have moved on to something new and wonderful. But, if I don't take the time to let God work, and essentially walk with Him, instead of trying soar when I should be walking, will I enjoy or understand new and wonderful when it happens? God promises me that if I wait on Him then He will help me to walk without becoming weary. I like that. I need that.
It's a little jumbled today, but I'm a little jumbled today. Nothings wrong, emotions are good. I just have thought going in 5,000 different directions.
One more thing. Please remember "A Stirring Life". As I posted yesterday, their daughter Olivia went to Heaven earlier in the week. Her body was delivered today. Continue to lift this family up to the Lord. Chad and I will be there at some point in the next few month, but at this point I can't imagine the needs that they have. But God knows what they need, and He knows how to provide what they need right when they need it.
I'm off to play the piano for our youth choir. Should be fun. See ya.

(Sorry this post is so messy. Blogger is doing something screwy. Don't blame it on the operator. Always blame it on the computer.)


Joan Carr said...

You constantly amaze me at your strength and the insight that I see you getting from the Lord. What a wonderful God we serve, and how HE can bring a message you heard sometime ago back to you and give you comfort today.God alone knows what He is doing in your lives and why He is doing what He is doing.

As a child you were one tough cookie, strong, confident and sure of what you knew. And now as an adult I can see some of why God made you as He has. You continually to bless those around you and you are using what God has equipped you with to walk this path that He choose for YOU.