Monday, May 25, 2009

Lazy Days

It's a great day. I got to sleep in, thanks to a little drug called Benadryl. Completely safe and a wonderful nights sleep. There's not much on the agenda today. A little laundry, lunch, a nap, and then I have a bachelorette party for my almost SIL(just for you Lt. Sam). Chad's brother is getting married on Saturday, and she's having a farewell to singlehood dinner tonight. It should be a blast. The restaurant where we are eating is a fantastic place right on the river. It's a great place to eat.

Anywho, that's about it. I think a certain red head has filled his diaper and is waiting on a change. See ya on the flip side.


Rebecca said...

I used Benadryl too :>)

Enjoy your lazy day & dinner out!

Jamie Lynn said...

i'm excitedd :)

Erin said...

Hope you had a great night!