Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Are you good and confused now? It's only 9:28am, and I am, so welcome to the crowd.

The real point is that Chad and I(and Johanna too, though of no choice of her own) go back to Charlotte tomorrow afternoon. We are seeing both the Geneticist and the Perinatologist. Hence, the title "Ist". I'm both excited and anxious about the appointments. I

I don't have a clue what to expect from the geneticist. I have worked my google fingers to the bone in the last 3 weeks, so I feel like I have a decent, if uneducated, grasp of what's going on with Johanna. I have some questions in mind about what to ask her. I just don't want to get to her office and sound like a total fool, or on the other hand sound like a "know it all" that's learned everything from the internet. Oh, the conundrum(I just really wanted to use that word in a sentence, if you are a long time reader you know that I LOVE big, smart words) I find myself in. Not really, just going for the dramatic.

After we meet with the geneticist, we then see the perinatologist again. This time he will be doing a detailed ultrasound of Jo's heart. Again, I have absolutely no idea what that US will bring. My hope and prayer is that she is still alive, and has a good strong HB. She always has had a strong HB in the past, maybe tomorrow will be no different. Regardless, God still knows what He's doing, and tomorrow will go exactly as He has it arranged.

If you think about us tomorrow, please pray for our family. I would love to have a great day with my hubby. I know that it isn't the ideal situation for a date day, but I'm trying to make the best of it. And, I don't get many chances to spend the entire afternoon with my Chad. Should be fun, or something.

Here's what's happening the rest of the week. It really is a busy one. Tonight and Thursday our youth choir is singing at 2 different revival meetings in our area. Tonight we will be at Gilead Baptist up on Lake James. This one should be special for me. My Dad pastored this church all throughout my formidable(big word) years. Jesse and I grew up there. I met my husby at Gilead, and we were married there. I haven't been to a service there in quite a few years, so it should be a blast. On Thursday evening, our youth choir will be making an encore performance at Bethlehem Baptist in Morganton. This is the church where my brother pastor's. I don't know this church as well as Gilead, but they are so incredibly nice to Jesse and Amy. So, what more could I ask for? Not that I have a choice anyway. Our choir leader was very sick on Sunday, so I really, really, really, hope he's feeling better today.

That's what I have for today. It's kinda rambled and disjointed. Adios Amigos / Amigas.

PS "Simply Donna" Feel better soon. Miss ya!!


Stay at Home Mommy said...

We will be praying for all of you!

Monica said...

Our geneticist just kind of confirmed everything, explain what would probably happen (and he was right) and answered question and gave us some guidance on what our expectations should be. Our son was born before we received our diagnosis though.

We had to travel two hours for our appointments once a month and my husband and I tried to make the most of time to ourselves. We went to eat at PF Changs after every appointment to kind of decompress and discuss what we had been told. It was nice to have that time to ourselves.

Jamie Lynn said...

.... I wanted to come see y'alls choir tonight..
&& plus I wanted to go to Gilead because well I didn't grow up there like you but it was the first church I ever remember going to and we left when I was 9...
Dad said you guys did great though!

Of course I'll pray for you, Chad, & Johanna tomorrow (& Claybob of course)--- I'll actually be praying for you in just a few minutes as I head to bed! Haha,

Love You!