Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Did You Feel Like A Mom??

I am somewhat of a curious(nosy) person. I always wonder about other people's lives. I don't really know why. I like to think of it something like a science project. Whenever I'm driving, and I pass certain houses I wonder about what they are doing in there. I realize that I probably don't want to know, but I still wonder. So, I am wondering about your life now. What are my bloggy buddies doing out there in Internet land? And, what are my real life buddies doing out there in real life land?

With Mother's Day right around the corner, here's what I'm wondering?

When did you feel like a mom?

I finally felt like I had my Mom's Club Official Member card this past Easter. That's right folks, Easter. It wasn't the c-section, getting up at 3am to feed him, changing 515 poopie diapers and the countless pee diapers, teaching him to hold his own bottle, feeding him cereal, baby food, and then real table food, his dedication service, seeing him walk on his own for the first time, hearing that laugh, or even holding him at 3am when he woke up screaming with his first ear infection(or apparently teaching him the evils of the run-on sentence). Nope, none of that did it for me. It was making up his Easter basket. Please don't laugh too hard at me.

At our house every holiday is reason to celebrate something. We, and when I say we I mean Chad, make cookies. Decorated with colored icing and everything. They are truly amazing. Santa, the Tooth Fairy(when that day comes), and the Easter Bunny don't make stops at our house. Seriously, they are so busy, and Chad and I(or mainly me) are capable of helping them out a little with their incredibly important duties. Don't bash me or send me hate mail. I think it's a personal decision, and therefore I/we decided personally to take all the credit for ourselves. HA. Kidding!! We just feel that teaching our kid(s) the importance of giving, and thankfulness for that gift is the more important than the giver. And, Santa and the Easter Bunny are kinda scary. They sneak around your house in the middle of the night. No, thank you.

So, I would really love to know. If you are a mom, when did you finally feel like a mom? Was it the moment of birth or before? Or are you like me and have a totally random event, more than a year after your child was born, that made you feel like a mom? If you aren't a mom, what is the simple thing that your mom does that lets you know how much she really cares for you?

Have a good one peeps!!


<----- That's me... said...

Since I'm not a mom...
Everything is the question of what my mom does for me. She does way more than she should and I take every bit of it for granite.

Another thing is she actually puts up with me and my attitude that I get sometimes.

But as I get older I'm thankful that we are more friends that superior thing. I love it that way. I feel as if I can tell her more.

Brittany and Charlie said...

My daughter is 8 months old. She is very sweet and we love her so much but at first she didn't seem to be one of those babies that would let you rock them and be sweet and cuddle with. Recently she has decided she definitely likes it and wants it. The first time I sat in her rocking chair and she just laid her head down to rest on me was for sure the moment I felt like I am the mommy of this beautiful little girl and I couldn't be luckier! Great question!

Mrs. Hinson said...

I remember clearly the time that I felt like, "Wow! I really am a Mom!" It was Camdyn's preschool orientation at Lower Creek Baptist. He was still 2, but oh so very independent. Don't get me wrong, I had felt like a Mom before this, but I don't think that it hit me as hard as when I saw my baby walking into his classroom and playing with other children while us Mom's met and talked with the teachers.

We're with you on the Santa, Bunny, and Tooth Fairy thing. We don't look down on anyone else who does it, but just prefer that ours know that we put the thought and hard work into it :) Isn't it so much fun being a Mom?!

Joan Carr said...

That has been to long ago for me to remember. However, it really has been amazing to watch you over the past year or so with Clayton.

You have blossomed over the last 15 months right along with Clayton. You can tell that you are now comfortable in being a mom, and that all comes to you naturally. I know you had your doubts and concerns about knowing what to do and when to do it for your child. Dad and I had no doubts at all in your abilities,and you have always been a good mom. But you are now comfortable in being a Mom and it shows in every way that you attend to Clayton and Johanna(even though she is still in the womb)

Being the Mom to Batman and Robin(an inside family joke) has always been the highlight of my life, In spite of me, God was able to work in both your lives and I am so proud of you both.

CHATTY CATHY 1975 said...

I have 4 kids and am pregnant with my 5th - and to be honest, I still feel like I'm 16 years old. I DO ADMIT that I'm a DARN TIRED 16 year old - but I don't feel "mom" like.

I will tell you - that I feel somewhat the same as you do/did. I feel motherly when I'm doing "MOM" stuff. When I'm taking kids to swim lessons - or cheering for my daughter at her recent swim meet - or when I'm making them brush their teeth or clean their bedrooms...

But - once 8:30 comes - My "MOM" hat comes off. I'm just Cathy once again.

Shannon said...

I feel like a mom when my 2 1/2 yr old daughter, Paige says things like "you're my sweet mommy," and "carry me," and "I missed you so much mommy," and "I'm so happy to see you." She loves to talk! She's our only child, and we may not have any more, so I love feeling like "mom" every day! I think the first time I felt her kick was when I really felt like a mommy.
Love your blog!

Lil Red Momma said...

I guess it hit me that I was really a mom when I realized that my mom was my closest friend and confidant. She is the only one who gets to hear all the silly things the girls do every day, and all the fears and doubts I have. When I found out that we were a team was the first time I realized I had actually grown up.

mom2caden said...

My son was 8 weeks old when I had that brain-smacker moment that I was actually, really a mom. He had been spitting up,(um, projectile vomiting at the end), since he was 3 weeks old, and the doctor kept telling me that it was normal, and I was just being crazy since I was a "new mom". Finally, I got a second opinion. After an ultrasound of his stomach revealed that he had pyloric stenosis and needed emergency surgery, it made me feel like I really did have that motherly instinct. But even through all of this, I was still somewhat numb.
The moment when it really hit me, was when they took me, my husband, and our son down to a room where we were told they had to take him from there to go to surgery. When they wheeled him out the door, I felt like a piece of me was literally being ripped out. I was not whole again until he was in my arms after surgery. So, that was my moment.

We are also completely with you on the santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy, thing. My husband and I decided that we did not want to lie to our children about anything, and honestly, these are lies. If it is not truth, it is a lie, no matter how you look at it. I did not want my son to find out one day that Santa was not real, and then question me about Jesus too. Now, I still don't want my son broadcasting to other children that santa isn't real, because everyone should be able to decide what is right for their own family, but some people really give me grief about "stealing my son's childhood". So, I'm just so glad to see that I'm not the only one out there that feels this way!

(Sorry this was so long, I'm a bit of a blaberer(is that a word?))

r- m val said...

my mom and i have an interesting relationship, however when we were younger and took our lunch to school. she'd make us pb&j for lunch and she's make a heart in the pb before putting the other side on. so when we got our lunch out at school we'd always open our sandwich before eating it to see the heart in there. it was subtile and sweet.