Monday, August 17, 2009

So.....................things have changed somewhat regarding our mission work out here in Wyoming. It's not really worth repeating except to say that we should always remember whom we serve and why we serve Him. Our group is great. Everyone seems to be getting along very well and enjoying the things that we have the fantastic opportunity to do.

Wanna see some pics? I thought so.

A random pile of 40's era cars. They were full of bullet holes. Chad thought this was worth a pic.
Native American burial ground. If you will notice there are a lot of personal effects on top of the graves. It was amazing to see what people would leave behind for their ancestors. I'm sure most of the items had some sort of significance.
Sacajewea's grave's headstone. If you remember from 10th grade US history Sacajewea was the lady that led Lewis and Clark on their explorations in the very early 1800's.
A sign that I found oddly amusing at the Indian sacred grounds.
I was amused by this sign as well. I thought there would be a more official sign at the entrance to the cemetery. Apparently I was mistaken.
Dad ordered a pancake for breakfast. Apparently everything is bigger in WY. That's Jesse's hand spread for size reference. This pancake was seriously huge.
Another buffalo. We've seen a blue million. Awesome.
Uhm..............ya think? Can we say captain obvious!!
Jesse and Clayton on top of a "rock". This was at the world's largest natural hot spring. Anyway, everybody thought this was the coolest rock ever. It was so red and fit into the landscape perfectly. Then when Jesse and Clayton climbed on top, it was actually made of plastic and hollow. Good times.


Jamie Lynn said...
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Jamie Lynn said...

Tell Chad that you can see a Yak!
With God all things are possible:)
He is a party pooper. Mr. Technical.
Haha, I love you too! Yes I was having a slightly rough day.
But it's all good in the hood now:)
God takes care of everything!!
See you guys when you get back!
Love you!