Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yellowstone(Pics and Captions)

The Grand Tetons as viewed from Lake Jackson

Our youth group. Apparently Clayton has decided that he's way too cool for our group, and has decided to go his own way.

Clayton at Old Faithful. The stick were much more interesting to an 18 month old(and he was more interesting to his mommy.)
Old Faithful. It was faithful(give or take 10 minutes)

Mountains, there were lots of those. I guess that makes since as we are in the Rockies.Clayton chillin' with the big boys.

My friend the Buffalo. Let's call him Randy.

More Buffalo. We saw lots of these on day 2. And it's amazing how close you can get to them.
Rainbow seen from an amazing bridge. There was a tiny little raging river at the bottom.

Clayton hatching a rock.

These are just a few that I had to choose from. Pictures and words can't describe how beautiful the landscape and animals are in Yellowstone. It's one of those things that has to be viewed to be appreciated. I only have one complaint. It's cold here. I mean seriously it's the middle of AUGUST. Summer time. It was 41 degrees at one point yesterday. Rarely did it get out of the 50's. And when we stopped for a restroom break in Cooke, MT it was snowing. Honestly this is ridiculous.

We're having a ball. This is an amazing place to see. Today we're headed to Thermopolis State Park to have our Sunday services.

And let me just up my cool points by a few. I sampled Rocky Mountain Oysters last night. Google it, you'll be impressed or disgusted and may never read again.


Jamie Lynn said...

Clayton is so funny!
I love the Rock one!

Man, seeing pictures makes me wish I would've went.

Love You!

Abby said...

these are beautiful! makes me want to go!