Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Friday..........I'm in Love

What am I lovin' about today? So many things.

  1. It's Friday, and tomorrow's Saturday, and we have no major plans. That rarely happens, and I'm so excited. Cleaning house, buying groceries, taking Clayton's old clothes to a friend expecting a little boy very soon, and hopefully a nap. That's what's on the agenda for tomorrow.
  2. I'm having a hair trim tonight. It's only about 1 month over due, so I'm looking a little shaggy. Clayton is having his hair trimmed too. Should be interesting. Actually, he did great at his first cut, so this one "shouldn't" be too traumatic.
  3. I get to spend some time with the 'rents tonight. That used to be a Firday evening ritual, but we've all been super busy lately and it's kinda screeched to a halt. I'm stoked to hang out with my parents.
  4. Only 1 week until the start of college football. Only 3 words can express my excitement.....Roll Tide Roll.
  5. The hubs has been amazing this week. He's amazing all the time, I just don't always take time to see it. He's done everything in the house and has let me catch up on my sleep. Awesome. I should probably cook him a nice country southern dinner tomorrow evening. Any suggestions?

So the list was short, but it's a start.

If I have time and cooperation, I have a surprise tomorrow. It's not earth shattering or anything that most of ya'll will find that exciting, but it's a pretty big deal to the 3 Carswells. And it's not a give away, because I don't know how to do those, and I probably don't have anything that ya'll would want anyway. I'm outie peeps. Enjoy your Friday.


Anonymous said...

so glad you are having a blessed Friday..and yes I will have to agree...ROLLL TIDE I am a lurker of your sweet inspirational blog..I pray daily for you lil baby girl.