Monday, August 10, 2009

Farewell my Friend

Let me warn you that this is not a heart wrenching, tearful, thoughtful, or poignant post about Johanna. It's about my dog. It's important to me, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

On Friday, we had to say a permanent goodbye to my dog, Pepper. She was 14 and has been my "best good friend" since she was a puppy. We belonged to each other long before Chad and I even met. She moved with me when we were married. Actually she was part of the package, she had to come too. In time she grew on Chad, and I like to think that just maybe he misses her a little too. Clayton misses her too in his own 18 month old way.

She was an old lady, and had been noticeably going down hill for the last 6 months. Things were considerably worse when we got home from Bible Conference on Thursday evening. I didn't think much about it because we had been gone almost all day for an entire week. I thought she was pouting, she's been known to do that. However, on Friday morning I knew it was time. She couldn't stand, drink water, or even focus on us. I called Chad in to check on her, and he agreed with me that it was time to let her go. I sat with her a long time and just petted her, and we said our goodbyes to each other.

I know that in the grand scheme of life that this is just a blip on the radar. These things happen and are just part and partial to being a dog owner. I also realize that everyone doesn't take a dog in as a family member like we have done. She was one of us, and we will miss her.

I have great things to report about Bible Conference, and I plan on sharing that tomorrow. I didn't want to bog down a hopefully uplifting post with sadness.

It's back to normal here at the office today. Back to patients and patience. Actually, it's been a great day. And we're off to WY on Thursday. I think I'm gonna crash tonight, and spend the rest of the week getting ready to go. I hope your Monday is great.


Jamie Lynn said...

My Monday was....
tiring, yet good.
I'm glad The Lord gave me strength to get up & finsih the hay junk!
But I'm not doing it again!
Call someone else.

Pepper was pretty cool.
I mean, what dog is going to let you put a ballon on her & actually walk around?? I reckon, I'ma miss her too.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My heart just stopped when I read your title!

I am still praying for a miracle - sweet Johanna is certainly being taken care of by her heavenly Father as well as by you.

I think of you often Nikki and lift you up daily to our sweet Lord.

Many hugs and blessings sent your way today.