Friday, August 14, 2009

We're Here(or there depending)

We're finally in Jackson Hole, WY. It was a mostly uneventful trip for which we are thankful. The only major snafu was in Atlanta. Apparently Delta had changed our gate for the flight from Atlanta to Jackson Hole. We learned of this major error after traveling what felt like the entire airport. Seriously, there were 2 separate escalator rides, and a tram ride. And the tram ride was super duper fast. Anyway, we get to the assumed appropriate gate, and the crawl at this particular gate, says that this particular flight is going to Philadelphia. Uhm............NO. I wouldn't mind going to Philly, but I also don't think I want to go their alone. After a few seconds of debate we saw, in tee tiny letters might I add, that the gate had been changed. And, to add insult to injury the new gate where we were supposed to be was only a few yards from where we started to begin with. Oops. Oh well, we all made it with literally mere minutes to spare.

Other than that, everything was uneventful. Now we're chillin' at the Best Western in Jackson Hole, otherwise known as "The Lodge". I do have to say that the airport in Jackson Hole is about the size of a Food Lion grocery store. And, it appeared that they were closing the airport after our flight landed. I don't know if they were closing it or not, but it certainly appeared that way. An interesting factoid for you, the Jackson Hole airport is the only airport in the nation located inside a national park. Awesome. That's our day in a very compacted nut shell.

Tomorrow(actually it's today by now), we're headed to Yellowstone. And, I'm just saying that I had better to get to see a Buffalo. I'm gonna be highly disappointed if I flew 2,ooo+ miles and don't get to view some Bison. I'm out peeps. Time for sleepy town.


Jamie Lynn said...

I ate Buffalo Jerky yesterday & thought of you because you want to see one.

Idk if Yak are there, but I hope you see one of those too. Just by surprise there is a random Yak there!! (I like saying Yak too!)

So Clayton done ohkay with everything? He's a trooper.