Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Few Edits

So I discovered the power of editing pictures.  I have a simple Canon point and click camera.  But it's amazing what a little cropping and color adjusting can do.  I just wanted to share a few picks from the last few years that I've played with this evening.

Jamie's Senior Prom
April 2009
August 2008
Jesse and Amy, Chad and Me
June 2007 
(7 weeks pregnant with Clayton)
(This is before a wedding, before an Insulin pump, and before 2 babies.  And also before life had hard days.  It's only been 3 years since this photo but our lives have changed so much.  I remember these people.  But I'm thankful for the changes the past 3 years have brought us.  The 4 of us have laughed and cried together many times since this picture.  Love you guys!  I look forward to many more pictures with ya'll.)
Johanna and her infamous pink bow!!

I'm hooked!!!!  I love the depth a little editing can give any particular picture.


Jules said...

I love black & white pics with a splash of color! :o) The foursome picture is really nice too. I may have to remember that set up in my photography journey. :o)

Mommy said...

i love playing with my pics too. its amazing what a few simple things can do for you pics. loved them, you are doing a grea job!

Monica said...

I edit a little also. It is a lot of fun! Great job on your pics!

Jamie Lynn said...

Hey it's me and Tyler!!
& Clayton I love that kid.
That's a good picture of you, Jesse, Amy, & Chad!
I own that shirt now hahaha..
&& Jo-Raye:)