Friday, May 21, 2010


Currently we're on a vacay/graduation gift for Chad and Jesse from our parents.  We're cooling our Revolutionary heels in Williamsburg, VA.  And we're loving it.  It's an awesome place to visit.

In front of the Governor's Palace.
George Washington(circa 1774) discussing taxation and representation.  This was very fascinating.  It was pre-Revolutionary War and it was interactive.  GW seriously took questions from the audience and answered them very well.  It was very informative.
The British Flag as it was in 1774.  Remember that at this point all the colonies were still under the rule of the crown.  And most colonies were very proud to be considered British.  For a while at least.

And one for the grandparents so that I don't get in trouble.  This cookie was absolutely huge and he ate all of it.  All while sporting the latest in Revolutionary head fashion.


Joan Carr said...

Well you can see it is a two hand cookie. YumYum.

Jennifer said...

so glad you guys are having fun...and clayton love the hat and the two handed cookie!!! :)

Mommy said...

glad yall are having fun! Clayton is such a cutie, love the hat!

Holly said...

Seems like a neat place to visit!!