Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesday

I just love this idea by Lauren.  It's a great thing to be in a fun and happy marriage.  I must confess that I don't feel like I've done a lot in the past week to show my husband that I love him.  I feel like I have done all the taking and he has done all the giving.
  • He helped(and by that I mean that he basically did all the organizing and moving) get the tables ready for our Ladies Banquest scheduled on Friday.
  • He has bathed Clayton every single night for the last week so that I could get ready for the speaking engagements that I've had recently.  He doesn't like to do bath time so that was a sacrifice for him.
  • He's keeping Clayton this evening so I can go out with one of my SIL's for a girly make up evening.
  • He will give up his Friday evening to work at our Ladies Banquet.
  • He carries all the heavy things.
Chad is very good to me.  So I gotta make up this week and make sure he knows how much I love, appreciate, and respect him.

 JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the following video is just funny.  Chad, Clayton, and I all love this commercial.  We have been known to back up the DVR whenever it comes on.  This same scene or something similar may or may not happen quite often at our house, or in our yard, or in the car, or a parking lot, or Walmart.


Lauren said...

So glad you joined up this week! :) Your husband sounds wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing how you blessed your husband next week! :)

Jamie Lynn said...

You get to spend it with TWO SIL's :) Because, I'ma be there!!
& I love that video!

Monica said...

So sweet!

Holly said...

That commercial is hilarious! I seriously wanted to get up and dance too! lol

Kelly said...

Haha, love that!! :)